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Dubhbruja Testimonials

When our families flatties are roughly 8 months to 1 year old I ask them if they would like to do a testimonial. I ask for their honest opinion about us and their puppy and for them to make it a warts and all review of what it has been like owning a flatcoat. I am sure that opinions direct from the horses mouth, so to speak, are very useful in helping families thinking of getting a flatty decide if the breed is for them. I do not edit the write up (well... maybe the odd spelling mistake or shortening one or two ardent flatty fans testimonials who tend to wax lyrical for pages and pages!!!) and am always happy to put prospective flatty owners in touch with families that already have one of our puppies/dogs. I hope you find the testimonials here useful in getting to know the breed a little.


Harry - Aberdeen

Harry the FlatcoatLesley and I went to see the puppies and while they were milling around Lesley asked Lea which one would be ours and she said "that one" pointing at the fat puppy draped asleep over Lesley's feet- he had chosen us. Harry was upset as we drove away, perched on Lesley's lap but when he arrived at our house it became his house, he trotted into meet the kids and my folks who were visiting and our lives changed for the better from that moment.

As only Lesley had ever had a dog the rest of us had a lot of learning to do on how to help a dog find its place in the house. The information we got in the puppy pack was vital as it helped us understand how to help Harry be secure and happy in our family. Being able to get advice from Lea via email and phone was very important especially in the early days and when we all had to go away for 2 days Lea and Justin were the only people we were happy to leave Harry with – sorry he ate your sandwiches Justin!

Harry is a shoe, underwear, sock, any kind of food, jelly fish [twice], horse/fox/rabbit poo eating hoover. Life is one endless buffet for our dog and we cannot turn our backs for a second. Trips to the vet were frequent in the early days but we have now become better at keeping most items out of his reach but Harry is always ready to take an opportunity when it presents itself. We are never fooled by the seemingly unconscious , on his back, legs in the air, lying on the sofa con artist, because turn your back and he will be off with any unguarded food. He is the Flatcoat equivalent of Usain Bolt and the Artful Dodger.

There is nothing better for lifting your mood first thing in the morning or when you come home than a Harry welcome. He is always delighted to see you even if you have just been putting the bin out. Tail wagging, present giving, hand and face licking dervish, we worked on controlling the jumping up and that's a thing of the past now. Equally after a good walk during which Harry will always find water, he will join you on the sofa either snuggled up to you or at the other end and snooze away, content and happy

He loves people and attention, while sitting outside one of the beach cafes in Aberdeen he is always ready to be petted and can't understand why some people dare to walk past him and not say hello! Being off the lead and playing with other dogs is always a highlight, happy with all dogs . Lots of owners say their dogs are not good with other dogs but enjoy Harrys company, this makes him very popular at his training classes. He has developed a chilled temperament but is full of boisterous fun when down at the beach or in the woods.

Harry is a thief of food, a chewer of unguarded socks/underwear, digger of holes in the garden and the star turn for not retrieving at the puppy classes. He goes on a lap of honour of the hall with the prize despite retrieving 10 out of 10 in the garden! But he is a source of infinite joy, happiness and fun for us. Every person or dog is a potential pal, every day is to be enjoyed and to bring joy to others. We individually came up with one word to describe Harry; loving, adorable, mischievous and fun were the words we came up with and together we all agree he is priceless. Harry is now in his first year of being a Therapet and visits a surgical ward in the local hospital with Lesley bringing his own brand of happiness to those in need of a bit of cheering up. We are so lucky to have him in our family.

Didn't want a dog, out voted three to one so agreed and now have a best pal and shadow who is priceless.

Often have cold sweats thinking what might have been if Les and I hadn't passed muster when we came to see you first time!


STARBUCK - Macclesfield, Cheshire.

StarbuckAbout a year ago I contacted Lea in my search for a new puppy. After researching various breeds I'd settled on a flatcoated retriever - a breed I had never owned before. Lea was incredibly patient with my many phonecalls, happily chatting about anything I needed or wanted. I felt like we were friends by the time I went to pick Starbuck up.

Lea was very empathic and seemed to really understand what it was like waiting for a puppy. As I live 8 hours from her (yes, I went that far!) I couldn't visit until the day I picked her up, so I called to see how she was every week or so. At 4 weeks Lea held the phone to the box so I could hear her squeaking. It's little things like that that show you a breeder really cares - both about their puppies and their buyers.

I had told Lea what I wanted in a puppy - something snuggly and personable but clever and interested in the world. I was hoping to do agility with her, and to take her dock diving. I wanted a dog who would want to and be able to go everywhere with me. I was also looking for a dog I could train in some home service work as I'm disabled.

Lea picked perfectly. I've never felt like I was settling for what I could get, with Starbuck, and I've never regretted her choice. Starbuck is smart as a whip, incredibly empathic (I plan to do P.A.T work with her when she's older) and she loves walking through our life at my side. I've just come back from a holiday where she was fabulous in the hotel, fantastic at an all-day picnic and in the pub, and she found the moving pavement absolutely hilarious and wanted to go back on it when we got to the end! She's everything I ever wanted in a dog, and I'm so looking forward to spending our lives together.

Starbuck and I are currently about to take (and hopefully pass) her Bronze Canine Good Citizen's award. We plan to go all the way to Gold - she loves it and she is excellent at switching into working mode. She has tried agility for fun and will be taking classes when she's a year old. She's been going to swimming classes since she was 16 weeks old, and she is very confident in the water. We just set up a paddling pool in the garden for her for the summer. She adores other dogs, and is suprisingly calm and gentle with our cat considering her age. She charms every child she meets and would probably go home with them if I'd let her!

I have stayed in touch with Lea, who is genuinely interested in how we're doing and who really does consider us extended family. I am completely in love with the breed, and would seriously consider having another flatcoat in the future. If I do - I will certainly be getting in touch with Lea.


MOOSE - West Sussex

MooseWhy would you have one flattie when you could have two? Getting moose was the best decision we could have ever made. I was persuaded by husband that our lovely black bitch, a 4 year old from Murdy and willow needed a friend!!!! We spent hours talking about it and when lea called to say Murdy and Ziva had had a litter of all liver pups I was flown up to Scotland to have a look!! I knew we wouldn't be coming home empty handed, but we went with the intention of getting another bitch ...... That was before I fell in love with Murdy and I knew that we needed a boy to complete our furry family!!! I was always sure I'd only have bitches but having one of each is just so wonderful I cant recommend it enough. They couldn't be more different but they complement each other so well. I think it's a girl thing but monkey is our little princess, she's a daddies girl through and through she's calm, sensitive, and loving, but also stubborn, naughty and likes everything on her terms. Moose on the other hand is always there, eager to please and über affectionate he's not fussed about grooming or personal hygiene and he wonders around the house belching and farting. He's a typical boy!!!! I have to say so far he has been golden balls, with monkey we lost a collection of clothes, sunglasses, tv remotes, books, tables and anything really she could steal and chew. Moose on the other hand is happy to chill out and play with his toys and seems to only have a fetish for my mums shoes!!

Lea, Justin, Murdy, willow and Ziva we can't possibly ever thank you enough for making our beautiful doggies. We hope that we treat them the way they deserve to be treated as they are the most precious things in our world.

Lastly if your thinking about getting a second dog you most certainly won't regret it, you'll just grow another heart xx

Sammy and Tim



SmithyHAPPY, HANDSOME, HANDFUL are the most common words people say to us when they meet Smithy….and he is all of these! A great dog who we are so pleased to be the owners of.

Smithy is our first ever dog. Website research followed by a camping trip to Aberdeenshire to initially meet with Lea and her dogs and then a few days back home to discuss things led to our decision to become dog owners. Lea was fantastic, she took loads of time to talk to us, answer our questions and let us meet the "gang" and puppies. My son (14) was the most unsure of all of us about getting a dog (scared of them since very young) but after our first meeting at Netherton he went from 2/10 to 6.5/10 on the "do you want a dog "scale. Now he wouldn't part with Smithy…although I do think Smith sees him more as a brother than an owner . Smithy has definitely helped him conquer his fear.

My daughter (12) was the driving force (along with me!) behind getting a dog; she adores Smithy and loves to spend time walking, playing and training him. One day she described him as being like the guys from "Dumb and Dumber"….clever but daft! We have read lots of the other testimonials and he's just like them all at times….I don't think we could sum him up much differently especially from Teo (totally understand the daft run). He was great as a puppy, only one or two accidents before being totally house trained and no problems at all with food (except wanting to eat everything!). He is more than happy to go and visit the vet and loves a shopping treat to his favourite pet shop! Training has been as much use to us as it has been for him, we've learned a lot and he's learned too – he can be very good but is easily distracted (maybe we've been too soft!), especially when other dogs or friendly people around.

He's made lots of friends his best canine friend is Maisie the mini schnauzer who lives over the fence they love playing together, although she is totally the boss.

What we all love about Smithy the most is that he is full to bursting with energy, excitement and being completely daft at times but he has a wonderful laid back temperament and also loves to calm things down and snuggle up on the sofa beside us. A great addition to our family!

The Meikle Family


Rowan - Glasgow

RowanWhen I decided to get a flattie, I looked for a breeder in Scotland and came across this website. I found it informative and got a really strong impression of people who were passionate about their dogs - both before and after they went to their new homes. After several phone calls with Lea I decided to get one of Echo's lovely pups. I couldn't have asked for better support. Rowan arrived with a really useful information pack and Lea has been on hand whenever we have needed a bit of extra help or support, no matter how small our 'problem' may have been.

As for our Rowan. She is a magnificent girl. There isn't a bad bone in her body - she has the most wonderful temperament. I have owned dogs before but I have to say she has a unique style - loves splashing in water + stealing food at any opportunity, she is full of joy and love (and energy!) and is a very welcome addition to our family. She loves big walks, lots of cuddles and to be right in the middle of family life. We wouldn't be without her. Thank you Lea for all your help + support








Mulligan - Bristol

MulliganMulligan is now 13 months old and as we speak he is on his very first seaside holiday.

What can I say about Mully. Well he seems to think he is in charge of everyone and he likes to know where we all are at all times, which is a bit of a problem right now because for the first time ever all three of our children have gone off to Uni which he has found hard. His solution was to collect something belonging to each person from their bedroom (which he is not allowed in by the way) and to make a pile in his bed. "Oh Mully" is a well know phrase in our house.

Mulligan is my second Flattie we lost our first boy at just 2 years old to cancer; heartbroken we said no more, but one week later I looked at Lea's website and that was was it, I was sold on another Flattie. After a very long chat on the phone I knew I had found the right person to help me try again.

Life is never dull or lonely with a Flatcoat around. My giant puppy who is as pleased to see me after two minutes as two hours and who can make a game out of an old sock or an apple in the garden, is such fun. Children now gone I think I will have a few more Flatties in the years to come...just how to tell Hubby.






EddieFlatcoats- our experience

Our experience of buying Eddie, our black flatcoat, was exciting and was made very easy as we corresponded with the breeder [Lea] and as perfectly natural and sensible we were carefully vetted, to see that we new exactly what we were taking on. As Eddie is our third flattie, we knew that you don't take on a flatcoat lightly. They can be quite a handful up to about 18 months old and full of fun and a bit silly but, are very intelligent and loyal if you don't mind being licked and whipped with a very waggy tail, you can also find you are followed everywhere. Eddie is turning out to be quite a character and his big sidekick Olly, our two and a half year old liver flattie, are constantly thinking and seem to be plotting about what to do next. They both love water and getting muddy, and Eddie is able to to open most door both ways to let him and Olly out, which Olly had never thought of before. Eddie is a lovely gentle flatty and once told something will take notice, but at the end of a hectic day loves nothing more than curling up next to you on the settee. In our opinion you would not get a better family dog and they really will love you in return for the walks and play.

Sandra and Graham,
Chelmsford, Essex.



DylanWe had a very easy and pleasant experience getting our new chocolate flatcoat from Lea and Justin. He's a gorgeous healthy 26 month old bundle of energy now. We would certainly recommend a pup from DubhBruja. However, if you haven't had a flatty before please research them first.

They are a breed unto themselves - they have boundless energy, just when you think you've tired them out - off they go again, and can do so all day, though they can also sleep for Britain too! They are slow to mature so patience is required.

They really love people and could lick you to death, though sometimes they just don't know their own size or strength, but there's not a bad bone in their bodies, just exuberance.

They are very intelligent but also have a loopy side to them too.

Having said that ,we are on our 2nd one now and wouldn't be without him. If we could manage we'd have a pack of flatcoats as they just give you so much love.

Jeff & Mo






DaisyIn April of 2009, 3 weeks before my wedding, my parents had to have our wonderful “family” Flattie, Gigha, put to sleep. A year after the wedding, I started looking for flattie breeders and came across Lea’s website. We visited them and though I warmed quickly to Lea and the dogs (especially Willow!), I left feeling a little sad. I realised it was just too soon for me to get another flattie and Lea was so understanding when we called her to tell her. We became the proud owners a little while later of an English Springer Spaniel (Jake), who settled into our lives as if he had always been there. Once he was a year old (and his recall was 98%!), we decided it was time to complete the family. There was only one website to check. It must have been fate that when I looked back on the Dubhbruja site, Willow had just been mated. I contacted Lea and we arranged to visit again once the puppies were born.

We were welcomed to Netherton and were soon introduced to Willow and her puppies. They were obviously happy, content and very well cared for. Lea advised us to wait until the pups were a bit older before we picked one so we came back when they were 5 weeks old. Lea by this time knew a little about us and had met Jake. She already knew which of the pups would suit us best but left us to make a decision and, as it happened, we felt we should take the pup who tended to sit back and watch what was happening before joining in and maybe needed a wee confidence boost. That was the pup that Lea had picked out for us in her mind. Decision made, we visited a couple of times before we would collect the newly christened Daisy (we later wished we had named her Rogue!).

It was obvious that Lea was working with Daisy to improve her confidence and it was a happy wee pup that we took home.

Daisy was initially the shy pup that we first chose at Lea’s when away from her familiar surroundings, but very quickly her confidence grew. She has a great role model in Jake and luckily for us has taken on most of his good traits and none of his bad! Deer are, and probably always will be, her great weakness. Once she is on the trail of one there is no getting her back with any amount of shouting or whistling. But she always returns, in her own time (but always within a few minutes!), tongue hanging out, full of exciting stories to tell Jake.

Like most Flatties, Daisy is impulsive. If she likes you (and she most likely will!) though she knows she shouldn’t jump, she will endeavour to whack you on the nose with her nose. She can’t resist a deer and loves children a little too much for her size! She can, at times, be a challenge on the lead and we have given up trying to have a lawn, a 26kg dog changing direction at the speed she goes at is always going to be destructive and of course she can‘t resist water, be it a river, loch or bog! But she is a true Flattie in other ways as well. She does not have a nasty bone in her body and is one of the few dogs I have seen who will back off her dinner when approached by a 9 week old puppy. She picks things up quickly and rarely questions commands, recently at gundog training, she was putting the much older and properly trained gundogs to shame. Once trained to do something, just ask and she will comply. She is quiet and biddable in the house, very rarely barking (if she does, we know it is worth investigating) and she makes friends where ever she goes.

Of course part of this is down to the breed but a lot of it is thanks to careful breeding. Both Daisy’s parents are friendly, good natured and healthy dogs and that is one of the reasons we chose a Dubhbruja pup.

Daisy is now 16 months old and I am looking forward to letting Lea know how our next few months with her go, hopefully including her first time out at a shoot!

So thanks Lea and Justin for our lovely Daisy and for breeding such lovely Flat Coats.

Caroline, Enoch, Jake and Daisy



Eva(The major upheaval Julia is referring to was the fact that we had just moved to Aberdeenshire, were living in a caravan waiting to find a house and we had two litters of puppies and their mums, which made 17 dogs, living in there with us...we were a bit busy those litters!)

It seems like a long time ago when I trekked up to Scotland to see Echo’s puppies but it was a fantastic visit. I remember thinking how on earth I am going to choose just one, but I think Eva actually chose us in the end! You and Justin were brilliant at helping find the right puppy for us as she was our first dog – none of the family can imagine life without a flatcoat now. I think it was your calm attitude at what was a major upheaval in your lives that must of transmitted to the dogs as Eva has such a laid back nature and she is so gentle despite being extremely playful! I spent the first few weeks trailing her round with me – we had a great visit to the municipal dump where she got used to all the trucks coming and going and had a lot of fuss from all the people who worked there.

Its now nearly three years later and she has grown into a smashing dog – always pleased to see people, always ready for a game (chase her favourite) or a hug. She still licks everyone in sight – all over if she could. She comes out hacking with me a few times a week and trots happily next to the horse (they are good friends) and occasionally she will race me – although she cheats as she hares up banks to get in front! Matt also takes her out running when he can which she loves as well. She adores water (especially the muddy variety) and if there are not puddles around will climb into the water troughs for a soak at the end of a walk. So I guess there is a lot of dirt involved with a flat coat although that is probably why she fits into the family so well! She will do anything for food and leaving food around invariably means it will be gone if you turn your back! She has been on holiday with us many times and is so reliable in terms of taking her around with us. she adores the beach and the sea although I think the salt water makes her itch. She now has a friend – Bertie our working cocker spaniel – and they play all the time. We really cant remember not having her , she is a massive part of our family!

Best wishes




RowanRowan joined our family around Easter 2011 and there hasn’t been a dull day since! In true flatty form she lives life to the full, loving everyone she comes across and is curious about everything.

As someone said before, flatties are hopeless watchdogs as they very rarely bark and are far too soft. But if you’re looking for a dog to steal your socks, or ovengloves, or anything she’s not allowed to have really, or a dog who loves to be chased round the garden, or loves to share everything with you, especially kisses and wet muddy paws, then flatties are perfect.

Lea is very carefull to give her pups to the right people and is always on the end of the phone if you need any advice. If you are considering a flatcoat, then look no further. Even if you live a bit away from Aberdeenshire, it’s well worth the journey.

As a vet nurse I’ve known many breeders over the years and can honestly say that Lea is one of the best I’ve come across. How she copes with the whole squad, I’ll never know, but she does it brilliantly.

She’s passionate about the breed and she knows it inside out.

A Dubhbruja flatty will be loyal, loving, full of mischief and fun and will change your life forever.





MontyWell where do I begin......

Monty is our second Flattie, we decided to get Ralph a new friend after having our second baby, we felt he needed a new playmate too. Having found lea and justin's website,(which was fantastic), I emailed lea for more information. Having made our decision, we travelled from Loch Lomond to Aberdeenshire to choose our boy.

When we got home, Ralph's nose was out of joint but they are great friends now. He was house-trained relatively quickly, which was a relief as our son was only 8 months old at the time.

As he grew towards his first birthday it became apparent that he didn't like being left alone even for short periods of time and with ralph for company. He would frequently eat the mail and howl until someone came home.

Monty is now 2 and is a fantastic dog, our 7 year old daughter, Rebecca absolutely adores him as does Ralph, although he'd never admit it as he's still top dog. He is infamous within the village that we stay and has helped dispel fear of dogs from children that we know. We did have a few issues with him recently, trying to be the boss wherever he went and he has been known to escape from the garden. He's calmed down a wee bit but still a hormonal teenager so we are still in the process of trying to change that.

Other than that we wouldn't change him for the world. He's a very loyal and loving boy as all flatties are.

The Campbells. Xx



MaxxieMaxxie is a wee star.

Bought a flatcoat because of their lively nature which is what I wanted in a dog & they have excellent playful nature that's fantastic with kids.

Even though we don't have kids he's happy & playful around the neighbours kids etc. which is good natured considering he's not around kids all the time, would recommend a flat coat to anyone who likes dogs.

Lea is a good breeder who loves flat coats & gave plenty of information & follow up advice/emails etc.

Paul Brown












EbonyWe are the proud owners of a Dubhbruja flat coat retriever, a daughter of Echo, and it is no exaggeration – it has changed our lives. The love and affection that we receive from her is the equivalent of 3 dogs worth, which coincidentally seems to be the size of space that is required in the house too! Lea has been exemplary in thought before purchase and beyond, and if you want big love and have time and space for a “flattie”, then you will find no better, as we did.

Deborah and Anthony





TeoIt was this website that first drew me towards Lea's flatcoats. Great to have all this information explaining all about the traits of Flatties. I was researching hard for a new family pet after losing my beloved collie cross. I wanted to choose a breed that is fantastic with children but also enjoys active life and long walks. I called Lea. She was honest, down to earth, friendly and full of advice and things to think about. She didn't try to 'sell' me one of her dogs. Liver or black, boy or girl, decisions, decisions... "well, I guess if they're up to something it'll normally be one of the girls, with the boys, what you see is more likely what you get!" said Lea. Decision made, we chose our black boy, the only one in Willows litter, his name is Teo. It's funny reading the other testimonials now, they are sooooo accurate about flattie temperaments!

Teo is very funny, loves to clown about, loves to make people laugh. When he gets excited he has the funniest run I have ever seen, flicking his front legs out to the side! He is a tea leaf. Given any opportunity at all, if you leave something on the floor, he will steal it. Socks from the laundry basket are a favorite. He likes to show you what he has stolen, his prize, before enjoying ensuring that you will not be able to catch him! When you do, he will happily accept defeat and allow you to gently remove said object from his teeth. Never any growling, all just pure fun and mischief. He likes to carry round his pet rocks from the garden and for the first 6 months had a real passion for gardening.

At 10 months old Teo is very strong and we find that when he's on lead he walks perfectly with a harness on, not so good without one. He is good off lead and recalls really well 95% of the time UNLESS..... he sees another person or dog then he's off, no stopping him. Teo is totally delighted to greet everyone with enormous affection! He even licks some other dogs faces gleefully much to their surprise, I've never seen that before. People are bemused to see such joy and friendliness. We have to be careful at the moment whilst he/we are still training, as I say, he's strong, if he ran to say hello to a small child whilst off lead it might not go down too well. We have found that the whistle really helps control, even in the middle of play, he will come straight away. He needs at least an hour off lead everyday otherwise I have noticed that the mischief twinkle in his eyes gets brighter.....

In the house he's a different dog, quiet and calm, again I think that this is typical of the breed. He likes to have his own special place/basket near us and is in it of his own choice, all evening.

Flatcoats are without doubt the best dogs with children, in our experience this is 100% true of the breed. Our 7 year old daughter adores him and the feeling is mutual. He has never growled at her, (or anyone, ever) allows her to hug him for ages to within an inch of his life and lies patiently while she wraps him up in his bed, with his toys. Toys..... he actually cuddles them, it's true, takes them to bed with him! He still has the bear that Lea gave him so he would have his mothers smell with him in the car. (It's little things like that about Lea...)

There is very little barking and never when the doorbell rings! He will bark at you if you're eating toast and he barked at a motorbike once from out of the back of the car window. Not a guard dog breed...... In another testimonial I read, the owners had taught their flattie to ring a bell by the back door to ask to go out as they (flatties) are so quiet. I think that this is a very good idea, going to have a go at this although we've only had a couple of accidents.

Teo does not like to be apart from us, he's happiest when he knows where we all are. I think that flatties generally like to be with their people and not left alone for too long.

In my experience, Flat coat retrievers are beautiful and graceful, strong physically, funny, soft hearted, kind, very gentle, quiet and great with kids. Rubbish guard dogs, will keep you busy, need lots of exercise, dislike being separated from you and will eat ANYTHING.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Lea to anyone thinking of getting a flattie. All information and support is there and I believe it always will be. As for us, we might just be back for a friend for Teo one day, we wouldn't go anywhere else.

Thanks Lea



BuzzOn September 23rd 2010 we had to put our beloved Labrador, Rory, to sleep. The family had already decided we would not get another dog as the memory of losing Rory was still heavy in our hearts. The following weeks were empty and Rory’s absence was felt by all.

A couple of months passed when Karen handed the local newspaper over to me, open at a page showing a picture of beautiful flat coated retriever pups. We decided to find out more about them. On phoning, I spoke to Lea who sounded very friendly and informative about the breed and invited us up to see the pups. That following weekend we went up to Justin and Lea’s and instantly fell in love with all the pups and the rest of the gang. We were made very welcome by Lea and Justin and instantly knew that this was what we both wanted. On leaving, Lea agreed to keep in touch and let us know how the pups were doing.

True to her word, that’s exactly what Lea did and another date was arranged to see the pups. I left the choice of pup to Karen. We knew it was going to be a boy and he was going to be called Buzz. Lea then gave us a date for picking Buzz up, which could not come quickly enough for the family. Since his arrival in the house on December 27th life has become a chaotic bliss again.

Buzz was easy to house train and has never been destructive. He has a beautiful nature, is a keen gardener, swimmer and accidental comedian. At 8 months old, he is developing into a handsome dog: fun, loving, mischievous, happy and a joy to be with. Apart from when he comes bounding back from a walk with a deer leg or dead trout in his mouth.

When we got Buzz, I thought he had a lot to do to live up to Rory. To be honest, he’s nearly there.

Thanks Lea and Justin for a wonderful addition to the family.

Bob, Karen & Buzz



BranstonWhen we lost our previous dog in 2009 we decided we wanted to do something different this time round. After several weeks on the internet we had finally decided on a Flat Coat. Well, two actually.

We were in contact with Lea and Justin in 2009 but unfortunately impatience took over and we opted for the pup we could have soonest. Enter Jackson (Jax) from Derbyshire. Unfortunately Jax turned out to be a very unwell puppy and he had many many trips over months to the vet to get him well. A small fortune later he is now a magnificent Flat Coat - albeit a bit skinny. He makes a guest appearance on Lea's gallery. The experience convinced us not to make the same mistake for Flat Coat No. 2 and we again contacted Lea and Justin and this time we waited.

Enter Branston (Bran), one of Brambles litter from July 2010.

I visited Lea in August and was duly mugged by Murdy and the gang on arrival. It was wonderful. I spent ages talking to Lea about these magnificent dogs and was hugely impressed by her knowledge and approach. I was made to feel completely at home and the experience fully justified the cost of a flight from Heathrow. I chose my new boy - Bramble had two liver boys in this litter. Then it was just a case of waiting for the day we could collect him.

We were a bit worried about transporting him home and had decided that I was going to drive up one day and then bring Bran home the next. Lea does offer a local courier service who have apparently transported many puppies south and are very good and careful with their precious cargo. As luck would have it though, Lea and Justin had a family event in Cheshire at the weekend and they kindly offered to bring Bran with them. We met at an M6 service station and took possession of our new Flat Coat.

On arrival home in South Bucks we introduced Bran to Jax and Enzo (our son's Black Lab who has now come to live with us as well now our son has emigrated to Qatar) on the front lawn. Bran was immediately happy with the big dogs and was very confident - but then he had been used to a whole fleet of Flat Coats.

In contrast to Jax, Bran has been a model dog. He is very bright and easy to train and has no problems being left in the house. He is very obedient and walks well to heal. He is very much the boss of our pack. He is now eight months old and is bigger than both Jax and Enzo. He has a fantastic dark liver coat, a big strong body and a magnificent temperament. A very handsome dog altogether and he attracts a huge amount of attention from other doggie people. Liver Flat Coats are relatively rare in Buckinghamshire - except for Stanley and Murphy who I have spotted once.

We have spoken to Lea a few times since and are in regular email contact. She always offers well considered advice and is always willing to help. She has even helped us with advice regarding Jax.

Do we regret choosing Flat Coats? Not for a minute. They are energetic and they are over friendly to strangers in the woods and fields. Jax has planted a muddy paw on a pristine white T shirt of a guy he had never met and they both enthusiastically greet with a lick to the chops. They mix well with other dogs and are fantastic at retrieving far flung tennis balls. They can be a bit obsessive in play but even this is endearing. They look magnificent are generally very well behaved in public - we make a point of taking them out to the pub once a week - and you get a great buzz from the admiring attention they get. They are clean dogs and shed lightly, certainly compared to the Lab. They even like being groomed which is only really needed once a week. They are naughty and loads of fun - they bring a smile to the face all of the time. Most of all they are very loving and affectionate dogs. Of the two Flat Coats Bran has been by far the easiest to train and his calmer demeanor has rubbed off on Jax. The two are inseparable now and always sleep in body contact with each other.

When Enzo came to stay with us in early January we were concerned that the step up to three dogs might be a bit much. I cannot say that it has been easy, everywhere you go in the house there is a dog, but we have settled nicely into routines now and it works well. We even had to say good bye to my mid life crisis sports car and buy a new estate car - one capable of carrying three large dogs (couldn't bring myself to buy a Volvo). When our son comes back from the Middle East he will be taking Enzo back and we will be looking to re-establish a pack of 3. There is only one dog to consider and only one breeder. Lea - a black dog in 2012 please.

Finally, why Dubhbruja and Lea and Justin. Yes, they live in a place where the next solid land is made of ice, but once you have been there you will know why. Transporting your new puppy to his new home has never proved a problem and Lea and Justin go out of their way to make it as easy as possible. Both Lea and Justin readily offer up help and support and their considerable experience and expertise shines through. And, last but far from least, their Flat Coats are just fabulous. They are simply brilliant examples of the breed in size, shape, coat and temperament.

Neil and Anne McDougall
Marlow, Buckinghamshire



MollyI'm actually writing to talk about Lea and Justin. However, I could not start without first mentioning our beautiful, intelligent, loving, caring, crazy dog called Molly - Molly with the'tigger' traits. By that I mean her habit of literally taking off from the floor - all four legs at once when she has a stick or a bird protruding from the corners of her mouth! Very much like the indominatable 'tigger' - friend and confidant of 'Winnie the Pooh'. Molly also reminds us very much of 'Dag' the dog in the film 'Up!' One minute she is chasing sticks, the next - leaves and then - . whoops - squirrels. nope - back to the leaves again - heh ho. One of her other favourite things to do is to stand very close to me as I chop vegetables - waiting for that renegade carrot that launches itself off the chopping board in her direction. I won't even mention the day I walked into the kitchen to find her with her paws on the kitchen surface tucking into a bowl of chilli! I think we've just about got her 'sussed' Maybe not!

From day one, I was aware that this was a very special couple. The advice, the information, the care and attention given to us concerning flat-coats as pets and then Molly in particular was outstanding. No phone call or e-mail was too much and questions were answered promptly and in great detail telling me that Lea and Justin were extremely knowleageable (spe?) and informed on what must be their favourite subject - flatcoats!

Nothing was too much trouble and when my husband went to Australia and due to my ME, i knew I would struggle to manage Molly for 6 weeks - Lea and Justin welcolmed Molly back into their lives with open arms. I have to say Molly thought 'she had died and gone to heaven!'

What a pleasure it is to know you guys and thanks again for everything.

kindest regards




As you will see from the very fetching photo Monkey was a very pretty flower girl on Tim and Sammy's wedding day!

MonkeyA flat coated stealer! If I ever can't find something, often the first place I look is the garden where I usually find what I'm looking for! The best dog ever! yes naughty at times and eats things she shouldn't but that's all in her beautiful character. We often wonder what we did with our time before we got our flat coat! She's such a massive part of our lives now that our lives tend to revolve around her! Sad I know but we actually threw a first birthday party for her and all the other dogs in the village came along! Her temperament is like something I've never seen before in a dog - and we've always had dogs in the family. She greets everyone and every dog she meets like they're one in her pack. She's incredibly loyal and loving and gets very upset when either one of us is not with her - she likes to keep her pack close together! Even the cat merits time in her life - they sleep in the same bed and she even shares her food with him! A water dog through and through - we live next to a river and she spends more time in it than she does on the walk; her playtime usually consists of a good swim and digging holes!

DUBHBRUJA where just brilliant. So helpful and always had time for us to speak on the phone when we called (which before we had the dog was about twice a day for a month or two!) We live in West Sussex and Dubhbruja are in Aberdeen which although logistically wasn't extacly local - their reputation and service was so credible and true that they were our breeders of choice even though there were other breeders in the local area!

Tim and Sammy.



HarryEver since losing my beloved Labrador when I was 17, I have wanted another dog but work, marriage, houses and kids all got in the way. Now, some 24 years later we decided as a family that the time was right to get a dog. This was no mean feat; we had tried the cat route a couple of times with two persians (hard work) then a moggy (lovely but very independent) and we also had a daughter who was frightened of dogs. However, our minds made up (and Lauren starting to come round to the idea), we embarked (forgive the pun) on the “which breed” quest. My first thought was another lab or a golden as they make perfect family pets but we decided we wanted something a bit different. Then, by chance, we encountered a black flattie – though we didn’t know it at the time – and we were smitten. A bit more research and we had made a decision. Then came the hard part; finding a good breeder who had puppies available.

So luck (and Google) led us to Dubhbruja. My first impression was formed by the web site – very professional but also welcoming with bags of information, photos and feedback. My second was from talking to Lea – I couldn’t have wished for someone more helpful. Her concern for her dogs was paramount but she was also very approachable and put up with my umpteen questions. When she rang back to say a liver boy had become available we were so excited. Lea helped us prepare for Harry’s arrival and sent us lots of photos and updates in his early days. Finally, at 10 weeks old, he arrived.

To say Harry has changed our family life would be an understatement. My eldest daughter was always going to be a push over but my youngest loved him from start and her confidence with him (and other dogs) has grown and grown. Harry has such a lovely nature and is so laid back. He’s not demanding in anyway, he rarely barks, never growls and is just as happy cuddling up to his favourite teddy (IKEA is his brand of choice) as he his having a romp through the fields or playing fetch (though not always give) in the garden. Having a dog has made us get out as a family and we have walked around more of our local areas and parks in the last 8 months than we did in the last 8 years and between us, our neighbour and my Mum, Harry gets three to four good walks a day. He is good both on and off the lead, has passed his puppy obedience class and is now working towards his bronze. That’s not to say he’s perfect – the sight of a football or another canine pal and the training can go out of the window but, generally speaking, he is better than we could have hoped for and his soppy eyes make you forget any small transgressions! House training was also quick with only a few accidents early on and the only major chewing incident involved a Sky remote.

Harry is now approaching a year old – he’s fully grown, has a glossy coat and still sports his trademark quiff. The cat still hasn’t forgiven us but the rest of us wouldn’t be without him and I would have no hesitation in returning to Lea for another pup in years to come or recommending her to anyone who will listen!


BerkleyFollowing a sad loss of our Flatcoat Barney in July 2009, Sally & I had made up our minds to have another, this time we thought we would look to see if we could find a Liver coloured dog. I made contact with a number of breeders who we had known in the past with no joy.

I went onto the internet and started searching, I came across the “Dubhbruja Flatcoats” web site, I spent a long time going through the site reading all about the breed and the “Gang”. I decided to drop Lea & Justin a line explaining about our background with Flatcoats, recent sad loss and what we were looking for.

From that 1st response our minds were made up, we were going to hopefully be able to get a puppy from them. We stayed in regular contact waiting for news of the Willow’s pups being born, on the 27th August 09 they arrived. It was exciting news; there were also 3 liver dogs within the litter. Over the next couple of weeks we were in constant contact receiving pictures and comments on the puppies’ progress. We decided on Mr. Green, (wearing a green collar to be known and recognised by) and then gave him his new name, Berkeley!

The time had come at 7 weeks old, for us to collect him. I flew up from Somerset on the Saturday with my 9 year old grandson, to Inverness, then by car to near Peterhead. We arrived about 7.00pm at Lea & Justin’s to meet Berkeley. The experience of seeing all the puppies, seeing all the Gang, including Mum & Dad was great. We went back to the hotel all excited about picking him up the next day to take him home. We had also arranged to take with us another puppy that was also going to her new home in Somerset.

It was a wonderful journey; both of them were excellent, sleeping most of the way other than waking for the meals. We eventually arrived home 12 hours later, tired and excited.

Throughout we received excellent advice, the different notes we received, guided and reminded us how to bring up Berkeley and settle him into his new home. The tips were excellent, even down to what to use when there is that little accident indoors.

He is now just 10 months old, we went to puppy classes between 8 and 12 weeks, weekly to socialise with other dogs. He has a wonderful temperament and is a real clown.

We went at 16 weeks to start his training. He learnt very quickly and forgot even quicker. We had a Christmas party and they were all dressed up for the occasion, great fun was had by all.

He is very handsome and knows it. He hardly ever leaves my side except in the fields in the early mornings when he hears the birds and chases around the field to make them fly (not really good if we were training for the gun), however he loves to run.

He has also more recently learnt to become an escapologist. We have combination padlocks and bolts on the gates in the garden. If I am in the front garden he rattles the padlock with his nose until the tumbler drops the number to line up, then nudges the bolt along and woo la! He is out. Bolts are currently being welded on the outside as I write.

Anyone thinking of owning a Flatcoat, your experience will be one of wonder, they will never cease to entertain you, we now have the original Peter Pan.

Finally a special thank you to Lea & Justin for doing such a wonderful job in their breeding and support to us all. It is great to know you both.

David & Sally Harris



JasmineAs you can see from the wonderful photo here and others on the gallery Jasmine is a true family girl and obviously loves Benjamin, recall around other dogs is a work in progress and garlic sausage and a dog whistle are now being deployed!!!.

It's been a bit busy in our house lately. Benjamin now has a little sister (Molly), so I am certainly kept busy!

Jasmine is over a year old now and is definitely loving being part of the family. She has endless energy which most of the time is great! The last few months she has really calmed down. She no longer chews anything you leave in the kitchen and has stopped jumping up at people (most of the time). Wayne has been taking her to dog training and she is now onto the 'progression' class. She is usually one of the best too :) Benjamin likes to practise dog training at home which is very funny watching jasmine trying to understand his commands! She is rubbish off the lead though if she sees another dog. No chance of calling her back. Do you have any tips?

We have been to the Lake District and the New Forest with Jas and she is even coming to France with us this summer on her passport. She really is one of the family and goes everywhere with us from snow to sand.

Jasmine is gorgeous with Benjamin. He climbs all over her and she just licks him. The only problem I have with Molly is stopping Jasmine from licking her too.

It's lovely when we are out and about and we meet other flat coats. Nobody has a bad word to say about them and everybody says they are nuts!

I have attached some photos for you to see Jasmine over the last year.

Hope all is going well in Scotland,

The Chapman Family



MarleyThis is an e.mail from Marley's family, it was so lovely I asked if we could use it as it is the perfect testimonial to Marley's fantastic nature - so below is the e.mail and a later reply from Claire!

We are all well thanks and Marley is doing great (attached some photos at long last - two at the end are from before Christmas but others are from March this year). How gorgeous is he please?? (we're biased though!). What a small world! People stop and ask us about Marley all the time but Richie can remember a lady asking about where we got him from while they were walking down the river one day. I also think the lady who is interested in getting another flattie used to work with my work colleague as she was asking if she could come and meet Marley (unless they're not the same person and he has two admirers (which is of course understandable).

We'd be more than happy for you to pass on our e-mail address and for her to make contact. As for her hoping we couldn't cope and he could be rescued - unfortunately that will never happen as he's a much loved part of our family and we hope to have him around for a very long time. We're flattered she asked though. He is our pride and joy and we have to remember not to spoil him as we love him so much. He has firmly established himself as Richie's siamese twin during the day as they are inseperable. They are both up at 5am and it's play time all morning. However, i am lucky that he is equally loving towards me and i get covered in kisses when i get in from work and he cuddles into me and follows me about all evening (usually because i'm cooking food though it has to be said!). We both still marvel at how loving he is. We've never known a more affectionate and soft natured dog. He is really friendly with other dogs and children in particular but even when he gets a bark or a snack from another dog it doesn't seem to phase him at all. he's so good natured he just shrugs it off and goes on with his day wagging his long tail as he goes. he does make us laugh.

He's getting much stronger and faster and it's brilliant watching him out in the fields and in the river. He's so nimble and graceful. He loves the water as long as his feet can touch the ground but he's a bit of a softy when it comes to swimming. He has proven he can but if it's a choice he just won't take the plunge into deeper water. I'm sure it'll come eventually but in the meantime he loves to paddle about and catch sticks or balls or anything for that matter. Anyway i could go on forever about him but i'm sure you've heard all this before from other besotted flattie owners!

P.s 'Course you can use the e-mail - you can add that we are over the moon with the support and care received from yourselves also. Richie's just called me at work to tell me Marley is swimming properly down at the river. The sun is shining and I'm gutted I'm stuck indoors and have missed Marley's first real swim! We'll have to take him out tonight so I can see for myself.

Claire Richie and Marley xx



ConnorLea and Justin made me feel very welcome each time I visited and there were a lot of visits as I lived so close. It was a real treat to be able to see Connor each week although most of the time he was sleeping. It wasn't until just before he came home he seemed to have a complete personality change, I wasn't sure it was the same pup.

He's settled in with my other flatty, Theo, (who unfortunately didn't enjoy the new member of the family jumping on him). Connor learned the hard way that when Theo has had enough, he means it. Anyway time has moved on and Connor has certainly been like my previous flatties, he's chewed all sorts, socks, wallpaper and carpet being the favourites. Even the laundry bag has a zip and he's got past that. These dogs are so clever. I think the more complicated the problem the more determined he becomes.

My other flatties were never that vocal but Connor can make a real racket when he wants.

Connor is excited about everything and I mean everything. He loves his walks and going off socialising, getting him back isn't always easy. Thank goodness for Theo who is my secret weapon, if you call him back he comes with Connor in hot pursuit.

I would say to anybody thinking about taking on this breed that you need to have lots of patience, lots of time for walks and play and to be prepared to have them follow on your heels all round the house. Yes, this does include the bathroom if you forget to shut the door!

I would not hesitate to recommend Lea and Justin.



HerbieWarning! Flatcoats are addictive.

We already had an 18mth flattie boy Douglas when we contacted Lea & Justin to be put on the waiting list for 1 of Bramble's pups in Dec 08.

We also have 3 cocker spaniels, but Douglas needed a playmate & I'd been impressed with the Dubhbruja website, the information given on it, testimonials & photos of previous pups & decided this was where the next boy was coming from (subject to Dubhbruja acceptance). We had plenty of contact with Lea via email once the pups were born & by the time we went to meet Herbie I couldn't contain my excitement. (How I managed to come away without sneaking one of the pups into my bag was beyond me.)

Lea & Justin were really friendly & we got to meet the whole gang which was great. We finally picked Herbie up at 8 1/2 weeks old, he seemed so tiny next to Douglas (aka my little pony due to his size) but they hit it off straightaway & have been inseparable since.

Every home should have at least 1 flattie & every breeder should be like Lea, totally committed to finding the right home for their puppies, always there for a chat & always interested in what the latest escapade is.

Don't get a flattie if you're extremely houseproud, have expensive underwear & don't like sharing your bed or the fact that horsepoo is the choice for desert when you're out for walks - but if you want the most loving, handsome, loyal, face & earwashing companion what more can I say.

I'm currently working on hubby for No 3 flattie, Lea just laughs at me.




OchoWell, what can I say. That 5kg bundle of fluff that I bought from you has come on in leaps and bounds. He has truly wormed himself into our hearts from day one. There have been absolutely no negatives with him at all. He hasn't been at all destructive - well apart from the garden - evidence of which you have seen but in the great scheme of things that is nothing. He thinks he is an assistance dog, willing to collect all the tea towels or shoes or anything really but never to chew them - just bringing a gift. Until just recently there has been very little shedding of his coat but just the last few weeks we are noticing a black sheen to the carpet. He never barks except for the odd yap while I am playing with him in the garden and we only know if someone is at the door because he lifts his head and looks towards the front door.

Despite all his set backs with the accident to his leg, he has been a real gent. He accepted his enforced time in his cage with large sighs but with good grace. He still loves going to the vet and is overjoyed to see them all from the receptionist to the nurses and the vets themselves. Not too many dogs even like going to the vet but he loves it. What greater testament to the wonderful nature of a flattie is that! He adores people and children in particular. He will stop whilst out on a walk if he sees children and just stands waving his beautiful tail asking to be greeted. He has met dogs while free in the fields just says hallo and then comes back to me. He went on a sleepover last week while we were out for twelve hours and my friend has three border collies, a border terrier and a toddler. They all got on famously even though himself insisted on washing the baby. Apparently the boy was hiding under the coffee table laughing his head off. He never chases cats even the moggie who sits under a bush waiting to catch the birds. The cat used to sit there even if I walked past until I saw it trying to catch a bird and then I decided to chase him away. It runs now but even then Ocho just follows him at a slow amble. We have a pug living next door and they are the best of friends through the fence.

To anyone considering a flattie I would say that you will have a friend for life. A flattie will wrap his paws round your heart. Even a ruffty tuffty airman! Ocho is very biddable and loving and helpful. The books say that they are the Peter Pan of the dog world and they are oh so right. The class clown at training and pretty good at it too - even though I say so myself. He acts the goat when he first gets there but only because he wants to be everybody's best buddy but once over the initial excitement he soon settles and is doing off lead recalls the length of a large hall. Learning distance control and considering he hasn't been training that much I think is as good as some who have been going months.

I could go on about him for hours but I'll stop now.

You were so helpful when I enquired about the puppies and even though you knew that I couldn't get up to see you, you sent me lots of pictures and helpful advice, allowing my sister to do the choosing and coming to visit him while we were on the other side of the world.


PS He was the absolute best at Christmas even though we didn't have a tree up but he never stole one biscuit, chocolate or the turkey!



MegWe are first time dog owners and I know now we could not have chosen a better breed. Our Meg is so full of fun and a constant tail wagger. Its difficult to take pictures of her, as she never stands still long enough. We've got lots of her asleep, but they don't do her justice. She is so full of life and loves it when she finds another puppy to play with. She loves other dogs, children and people, in that order. No human can get a look in, if there is another K9 to be loved. From the first time meeting Justin and Lea and their lovely dogs, we came away beaming. They made us feel so at home and checked that we were sure we had decided on the right breed. I'll never forget meeting Murdock and having my first face and ear wash, (I was smitten). We came away with Meg knowing that all the help and support we could need was just on the end of a phone line or email. Meg is really intelligent and a very fast learner. It took only 3 days to house train her and she had very few accidents in the house, which were my not being quick enough to see the signs, but she will now wimper if she needs to be out and I have even been able to recognise that she has needed to stop, when out in the car. We got her used to the car from the very first day (it being a 3 hour journey home) Once home she cried for about 3 nights and it was killing us, but we never caved in, (great advice from Lea). I had another tip from my brother, which worked a treat: to give her something that smelled of us. So we carried around an old t shirt, under our clothes for a few hours each and put it in Meg's bed that night, she slept soundly, not a peep out of her. Of course this could be coincidence, but worth a try. The only problem we did encounter is that Meg was fond of eating her own poop. Looking back it was quite funny, it was a race to get the poop up. Meg then started to hide to poop, so she could go back later to get it. We tried our hardest to ignore her and just try to get to it before she did, but if we'd wait for her she'd hide to do it. We got over this by putting a training line on whilst she was in the garden and had to ignore her just long enough for her to do it and then move her away from it via the line. It worked we'd cracked it. We also had to praise her for going, to ensure she didn't hide and she soon stopped eating it. She still eats it on the odd occasion, but is more partial to sheeps' poop for some reason? The vet told us that some dogs do this. She is a brilliant retriever and loves fetching her ball, although her favourite game is 'find it': searching for treats, that we've previously hidden. She has an amazing sense of smell and could be a working dog in this regard. Flat coats are used as search and rescue dogs in avalanche areas and I am not suprised at all. We made the best decision, in our choice of breed and definitely in contacting Justin & Lea. It was obvious from the very first, that they love their animals and that they put in all the time and effort needed to raise such wonderful companions. When we came to pick Meg up, it just showed how much effort, Meg already knew her name and came to us when we called her, I could have cried. She was very confident from the offset, nothing has phased her. Thanks again to you both for raising such loving, gentle, well balanced flatties. We are so thankful we found you. Hope to be back in the future, for a play mate for Meg.



Te'aWell what can I say...and where do I start

Te’a has made such a difference to our lives and despite having owned many dogs of different breeds, I can honestly say nothing prepares you for a flat-coat! You were absolutely right in everything you told us. She has more personality and character than any dog we have ever known, including our Raif, which is saying something.

From the first day she arrived, she established herself as top dog. She pushes Raif around, forces him to play, refuses to let him be grumpy, kisses him when he is agitated and generally tries to “fix” him! As you know, we got a companion for Raif because of his anxiety and nervous aggression and she has really helped him through this, despite her youth; and although he is still not perfect, her balanced nature has definitely calmed him. He finds her irritating and engaging in equal measure. She steals his bed, his toys, his food (if we let her) and he just submits; apart from first thing in the morning when he is always grumpy and she comes bounding over to him expecting him to play. That is the only time we ever hear him tell her off!

Te’a is incredibly beautiful, loving, demanding, engaging and so very gentle. She is very intelligent and has taken to her training like a duck to water and has a great collection of party tricks that she loves to perform for any visitors. She was house-trained within 6 weeks of coming home and is extremely reliable in that regard. If she wants you to do something for her (like let her out), she sits in front of you and stares until you pay her attention. If you ask her what she wants, and make some suggestions, she waits for you to get the question right before standing up and wagging her tail! I made the mistake when she first came home of referring to going to the toilet as being a “good girl” which caused some confusion for a while and a few damp socks!

She is a lovely companion to all of us, but is particularly devoted to me. She and I are very close. She rests her head on my knee whenever possible and loves to sit with her body in contact with my leg. She is great on a walk, can walk to heel, is friendly with people and dogs that she meets and has the ability to keep up with Raif despite her age. We had a period of time when she was overdoing it a bit by chasing Raif around the garden and leaping about, and she pulled something in her front leg and limped for a while, but the vet assures us that there will be no lasting ramifications. She was merely a youngster who overdid it. It was obviously a challenge for a four month old puppy to keep up with a 2 year old Border Collie but she was game enough to give it a go!

So thank you for trusting us with Ziva’s daughter. She has a safe and loving home here and we all adore her, so you never need to worry on that score!

I hope everything works out well for you with your Scottish adventure and love to the Gang!



StanleyStanley is one of Ziva's first litter born in April 2009, I had wanted to own a Flat-Coat ever since I was a little girl, but had never bought a pedigree dog before and always had cross-breeds. I made contact with Lea and Justin around February time. From the beginning I found them to be really friendly and communicative, and Lea had given me lots of hints and tips about the breed before Stanley had even been born!

I was welcomed to visit the puppies on a number of occasions before bringing Stanley home and was able to see how much care and attention the puppies were given and how attached to every single one of them Lea was!! Not only that but it was great to meet the rest of the Dubhbruja gang and I thoroughly enjoyed being licked to within an inch of my life!

Stanley is now seven months old; he takes after Ziva in terms of temperament and is Mr super-chilled when he's at home: he saves all his energy for when he's out on his walks! I've found him to be highly intelligent and trainable, he was house-trained within a matter of days; having said that general training needs to be frequent and consistent as the Flat-Coat pup has a very short attention span and becomes bored easily.

I already own a 7 year old Labrador bitch named Flossy; she was initially very aloof with Stanley, and he got a fair-few "telling-offs" in the early days, only some of which he deserved! His 'I'm gonna make you love me' attitude paid off though and love him she does!

Stanley is a typical flat-coat; he loves the water and swam the first time he went to the river. I work from home so I haven't had to deal with any destructive behaviour and have had the time to invest in training him - I would not like to imagine how he would cope if he had been forced to deal with long separations and would definitely advise any prospective owner to make sure that they have the time and above all the energy for such a lust-for-life breed.

I am now hooked on flat-coats and plan to add another one to my 'pack' in 2010, I am in continued correspondence with Lea and I doubt that you could find a better breeder, so if you're reading this you're in the right place already!



PoppyHaving just lost a lovely Greyhound - Daisy, we decided we wanted another dog and one we could really go out and play with and go long walks with. That's where Poppy our 6 month old flattie came in. Poppy has been a real hit in the village we live in. Everyone knows and fusses her when we go for walks and she greets everyone with a wiggly bottom and wagging tail. There are 2 flatties already in the village so she has made new friends and is very good with other dogs. I have been surprised just how gentle she is with children which is certainly a positive.

If I had to rename her I would call her Tinker as that's exactly what she is. She loves nothing more than to trot past me when I'm working from home and on a call with the remote control in her mouth and I swear I can hear her giggling to herself. There is very much a mischievous air about young Poppy but it always makes us laugh and keeps her entertained too.

This is our first flattie and everything we have been told about their loving nature and fun personality is absolutely true. She is a very cuddly dog - might be us there actually ;o) - and we can see we are going to have many happy years together. Be prepared to spend time with your flattie as they need and want a lot of attention and your time. They are very easy to train and enjoy learning. It is worth the effort as you will have a superb companion and addition to your family.

Justin and Lea have been great form the start. They shared the early puppy days with us in film and pictures and emails and have kept in touch with us giving advice when we need it. I would absolutely recommend them as where you should go if you want a well cared for Flattie. You only have to meet them and their own dogs to see how much care, attention and how happy and healthy their dogs are.


EbonyEbony is one of Willows puppies, born on1st September 2007. She joins Angus and Poppy our 2 year old Flatties.

We contacted Lea & Justin regarding the availability of puppies within days of the litter being born and they instantly welcomed us into their home. We were therefore privileged to meet Ebony at just one week old.

Lea and Justin encouraged us to visit whenever we could which enabled us to see her early development.

We collected Ebony when she was seven weeks old and we were amazed when she responded to her name. A true reflection of the love, care and attention that Lea and Justin give to the puppies.

As we write, Ebony is now nearly 8 months old. She loves everything and everybody. She is totally convinced that everybody's purpose in life is to meet Ebony. She is a joy to own and epitomises the very reason why we love Flatcoats.

Lea & Justin, Thanks for everything you did for Ebony and for allowing us into your home.

We will not hesitate to contact you for our next Flattie.

Keith & Janet Belcher

Take care.

Keith, Janet, Angus, Poppy & Ebony.



BaileyBailey is our gorgeous 5 month old Liver Flatcoat that we've had since April who was born January 29th 2008 to Bramble.

We already have a black bitch Flatty who is 3, and thought it would be really nice to get another to keep her company. They are the best of friends and she totally accepted him into our home with no problems at all.

In our experience Flatcoats are wonderful pets. They're friendly, trustworthy dogs especially with children, as long as they don't mind a lot of licking!!

Flatcoats have a lovely nature, but as all dogs, they need socialising and training, especially those first 2 years, it does pay off as they grow up to be a real pleasure and joy to own.

Lea and Justin were so friendly, helpful, and certainly have a lot of experience they truly are excellent breeders we would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking into getting a Flatcoat.



BaxterAfter losing out on two other litters I made contact with Lea and Justin as they had 1 dog left from Brambles litter [born Jan 08] I went to see them and immediately knew I was in the right place. They were both so friendly and I was made to feel very welcome. I took Baxter home at 7 weeks and have enjoyed every day since.

We have a busy life with Gun dog training ,which he and I both love [especially the water]. long walks and dozing the afternoons away. The best word to describe a flattie is 'joyous'..... always happy and a real zest for life.

The downside of a flattie....... Buy big enough sofas for all your family and the dogs as it 's a race to who gets to them first. If you have the time, sense of humour and willing to put in the effort...get a Flat coat. You will never regret it.

Meeting Lea and the gang and getting Baxter was one of the best things I have ever done and when the time comes to get another dog I will be going straight back to Cheshire!!

Claire Harding

Diary piece from Baxter and very proud mum Claire

Hi guys

Had to write and tell you.....Baxter and I went shooting for the first time on Saturday. It was so exciting for both of us!. I knew he wasn't gun shy as I had taken him to the game fair and stood by the clay shooting and he didn't bat an eye lid at the guns but he can be a devil at bringing back the dummy!. He and I both know that he knows what to do but he just acts the clown and prances off with it. He thinks its really funny and I know that he's laughing at me. Anyway off we go....He didn't put a paw wrong all day. He was in sight all the time and stopped and sat when the guns were going off. At one point a rabbit shot out and ran across the field and he ran after it so I blew the stop whistle and blow me , he stopped (never done that before!) and came back to me. The last bird had fallen in a stream so I sent him in and he was playing with it ,I was saying "hold it....hold it". He then lost it and it floated under the bushes at the side. So my step mother sent her dog in to get it...He couldn't find it but Baxter kept going back to the same spot and dived in the bushes and came out with it in his mouth!! He came up the bank and dropped it in my hands!!!!!!!!!!!!. Everybody cheered and he had every treat I had in my pocket. He really was a STAR. It was such a fantastic feeling that all the hard work [and it was] and effort had been worth it. It was an amazing thing for an 8 month old to do that. I'm so very proud of him. [and me actually!]


ReubenWe are first-time flat-coat owners. When our much loved crossbreed, Ben, had to be put to sleep in January 2008, we wanted another dog just like him. The only difference we wanted was a dog who was rather more assertive with our 5 indoor cats who tend to “rule the roost”. Much intensive research later, we came up with flat-coated retrievers – lively, fun-loving, intelligent and friends with all the people AND other animals in their lives.

We contacted Lea just before Bramble’s puppies were born at the end of January. We were invited to meet Murdoch and a very pregnant Bramble, and were greatly impressed by Lea’s patience in answering our many questions and by the way in which the puppies would be looked after. As a result, we were convinced we wanted a DubhBruja flat-coat but were worried we might not get one as we were 7th on the list! Happily, Bramble produced 13 healthy puppies and one was going to be our liver boy. We were able to visit and see the puppies at 4 weeks and Lea sent very regular e-mail updates and photos. We eventually brought Reuben home, just before Easter, when he was 7 weeks old.

He is now 5 months old and is a “stunner” – he is a flat-coat who does just what flat-coats do – he has a wonderful temperament, is lively and intelligent, loves food and attention, is not deterred by snow, rain or any weather except real heat, plunges happily into any depth of water, and is a good-natured friend to everyone. He has also developed a different relationship with each one of our cats, depending on their temperaments: ranging from Boraf, who allows Reuben to play chase at floor level and lets himself be grabbed around the neck by Reuben, to Jo, who controls Reuben by a “stare” that stops him in his tracks and he daren’t move until she looks away! Lea and Justin take fantastic care of their dogs and puppies giving round-the-clock individual care in the home until they are old enough to go out to a pen and they receive loads of normal, needed interactions. Lea is a conscientious breeder with a great love for the breed and for her puppies and is wonderful about responding to questions and queries by phone and e-mail, both before the puppies go to their new homes and once they have left. We believe that this really will be a lifetime of support for us and Reuben.

The DubhBruja flat-coats are great dogs and have great puppies.

Why should you have a flat-coat?…..We honestly don’t know why everyone doesn’t want one! They are very intelligent, form a good bond with “their people” and so are very trainable. They are the essence of good-natured and manage to bring fun, enthusiasm and positivity into so many situations.

Why would you need to think again about having a flat-coat (as beautiful as they are!)? They are physically strong dogs so early, sustained lead/heel training is essential if their natural enthusiasm is to be contained and arms and shoulders don’t get “yanked”. This takes time and persistence. They want to have their “family” (preferably all of them) around and really don’t like to be left on their own for too long… so out all day, or even a large part of the day, isn’t an option with a flat-coat. A bored, lonely flat-coat can be very creative!

If you can give flat-coats the time and training they need, the question is, why not a flat-coat? Reuben is still only 5 months old, so we have a lot to learn together, but he is already a much loved part of our “pack”.

Thanks, Lea, for all the work and commitment that went into breeding such great puppies.

Debbie, Chris, Jo, Seth, Su-chi, Ming-Ming, Boraf, and, of course, Reuben



From Mick & Sue Jones, Telford

MaudieThinking of getting a Flatty? Then think hard, don’t get one just because they look nice, be prepared to spend time with it, they love company. We collected Maudie Easter weekend 2008 and she is totally different from the others dogs we have had. We have always had a dog and as we are now in our 60s, we knew what to expect with a puppy and Maudie was no exception, she is great, all our dogs have been wonderful friends and companions but Maudie is the most attentive, seems to be the easiest to train and the one most keen to learn that we have had, this means that we need to keep her occupied otherwise she would train us……….We have had no surprises, she was a dream to housetrain right from the word go, only about three mishaps and probably two of those were our fault. She got up to the usual puppy tricks with shoes etc but that has passed, and as long as she is not left to get bored she is happy. She is true to temperament, boisterous and full of life, every ones friend with a tongue that would take the skin of your face if you let her, or laying quietly by your feet, happy just to be near you. If you still think you could handle one, then Justin and Lea Cook would give you all the help you need. They do not take the money and run, they truly care about their dogs, their welfare and where they go. Although we have not needed any help it is nice to know that once you have taken your new friend home, you are not left alone, there is always someone to help should you need it.


MurdochWe made extensive enquiries (well my wife did) about what sort of dog we would like to be part of our family. I grew up with Staffordshire Bull Terriers (my father owned them long before they became the 'hard man's fashion accessory') so I was all for a dog that could stick up for itself and yet be patient with, and tolerant of, children. I was however firmly overuled - my father's last Staffie was a very powerful dog from a Kruft's pedigree line and because of my father was getting on in years he was not really able to train the dog and so it was a bit of a handfull. After much investigation and not a little talk with friends who had previously owned a Flattie themselves, we decided that it was the breed for us and soon made contact with Lea and Justin - how lucky we were. We soon knew far more about the breed than you could ever get from a book and were soon smitten.

Murdoch junior was one of Willows pups born at in Oct 2006. He is a liver dog who has all of the typical flatcoat features and behaviours - friendly with people and other dogs; loyal and always full of fun and mischief. We have started to train Murdoch - I shoot and would like to think that I will eventually be able to trust him to retrieve without standing there with a bird in his mouth, head slightly cocked to one side and studiously avoiding eye contact whilst just waiting for the chase to begin!

Since getting Murdoch we have moved to the country giving Murdoch more space and a wider variety of walks. I think that he is much happier (he's taken to licking the noses of the cows in adjoining fields) although he does not see as many people. If you are thinking of getting a Flattie then be prepared for years of juvenile behaviour (they are not know as the eternal puppy for nothing) and don't underestimate either their physical strength or their ability to get their own way!

Look no further for a great dog from great breeders.

P.S. Murdoch jnr is the puppy featured on the homepage of the website - butter wouldn't melt would it??

Flynn & Ross

Flynn and RossWe had the great good fortune to find Lea and Justin on the web many months before Bramble’s puppies were born. We had previously had two flatcoats and after the second one died we knew we had to have two more! When I made contact with Lea we had a long conversation about the joys of being a flatcoat owner and I immediately knew I had found someone as besotted with the breed as we were.

It seemed a very long wait for Bramble’s puppies to be born but it was worth every moment. We brought our chosen pair home at Easter and what a fantastic duo they are - wonderfully healthy, very responsive, easy to train and totally unflappable. They are wonderful with our grandchildren, all under the age of seven, although the endlessly wagging tails can knock a small child over and they do have an overwhelming desire to lick you to death.

We haven’t found anything that causes them alarm, not farm machinery, not fireworks, not thunder and certainly not low flying aircraft. On the other hand they are bemused by rabbits and don’t understand pheasants at all.

Lea and Justin are great breeders and give their puppies a wonderful start in life. They are always there to answer any questions and provide fantastic support to new owners.


BrookeBrooke is my first Flatcoat, she is one of Brambles first litter.

When I first made contact with Lea I found her passion shone through for her dogs, and it was so nice to be able to ask as many questions as I wanted without seeming like I was a nuisance.

I had wanted a Flatcoat for many years, and finally I had the time to dedicate to one now my family were old enough and work commitments meant I could dedicate the time to training and raising one of these beautiful dogs.

Brooke has me absolutely hooked on Flatcoats, she is the most loving, beautiful, intelligent girl and it is a pleasure to share our lives with her. She has the most wonderful sense of humour.

She is now eighteen months old, and has matured so much in the last few months, something I was warned may never happen, but she really is such a young lady now.

When I chose Brooke I intended to do some showing with her, and she has had some good results at Open and Championship levels, but we have left the show ring alone now to pursue our main passion, gundog work. This dog was born to retrieve, and does so with such enthusiasm, the heaviest cover, deepest water, you can just see the happiness on her face. Being my first gundog we have made a few mistakes along the way, but all mine, she is just wonderful. Can you tell I am smitten with this young lady ???

I want to thank Lea and Justin, you have wonderful dogs and you have bred some fantastic pups, thankyou for letting us share one of them with you.

Jacque and Brooke


MontyMeryll and her family had one of our puppies from our second litter, Bramble’s first litter. They came several times to try to choose between two liver boys, Calum and Ross are such gentle quiet boys that the puppies kept falling asleep on them which made it very hard! Anyway in the end they chose Monty, all the family were so totally in love with Monty (even children that did not like dogs thought he was the best thing since sliced bread), I think I am correct in saying that Gord who I believe had to be convinced that a dog was a good idea, was equally smitten. He was an absolute star and loved by everyone who met him. Monty being the typical lovely friendly flattie was so keen to meet other dogs/humans that he managed somehow to escape from the garden onto the field behind the house to see another dog, followed him and his owner across the road where he was hit by a car and killed instantly. Poor Monty was only about 8/9 months old, Meryll and the rest of the family were inconsolable. Meryll contacted us by e.mail, as soon as it happened we to were all very upset, it was hard to hear them so sad.

A little while later when talking to Meryll she mentioned how empty the house was with out Monty and how much they missed having a Flatty around and maybe they would like another after a little time to help them come to terms with loosing Monty. The family decided that they would like a girl so that they did not feel disloyal to Monty and they are such a super bunch that we put them right on the top of the list for a liver girl from Bramble’s next litter and made sure that they had first choice of the two liver girls that she had. They chose Brodie!


BrodiesThis is Brodie and I think you can tell from the snippets we have put together that Brodie while in no way replacing Monty (impossible!!) has gone a long way to filling the hole he left in their hearts and home by his tragic death………...

“Brodie is doing great ~ she’s so lovely and girly, getting to be a really different personality to Monty but just as loving and special as he was! I have started a new dog training class and she is doing fab!”

“We are all smitten with Brodie, must admit ~ did think I would find it difficult to love another puppy as much as I did Monty! But she is just so gorgeous and has a different personality even tho’ she is so young that I already love her to bits!!!”

“Gord loves her to bits but it’s really funny as she snuggles into me but when Gord picks her up all she wants to do is play and chew his fingers or toes!! That’s my girl!!!”

“She is doing fab and is soooooooo gorgeous, not that we are biased or anything (yeah right!!!!) I’m sure all her big brothers and sisters are equally gorgeous too…. Have been going to ‘dog friendly training’ classes and she is doing quite well, really loopy when I arrive to see all the other doggies but it’s just so funny!

Brodie is a really happy pup, we all just love her to bits and she reminds us of Monty in so many ways, can’t believe it’s almost a year since we lost him, Brodie hasn’t replaced him but she has made all our lives better for her being part of our family and she is so loving and such a character, Monty used to love sleeping in his crate but Brodie hated it so early on we had to get rid of it and now she sleeps on ‘Tiny’, Tiny is a 5ft shaggy dog that belonged to Ross, he donated it to Brodie and she much prefers sleeping on it instead of her lovely bedding which we bought for her! Typical!!!!”

A very happy ending!!!!!!


TallieWhat can be said about owning a Flat Coated Retriever pup (or Flatbed as my husband Rob likes to call them).

Now, in my experience of looking for a puppy I believe you are not just buying a pup, you are also buying into the breeder too. Lets face it there are plenty of under handed breeders out there if you have had the misfortune to encounter one and those who are quite frankly, not the best example of what their breed has to offer. Lea and Justin are definitely not that type at all. They are accommodating, knowledgeable and above all they care what happens to their puppies.

The death of our dear old Meggie, a collie cross at the grand age of 17, prompted the discussion of a puppy. After much deliberation a Flattie was our chosen breed and Cheshire, where Lea and Justin lived, was our destination.

We chose the Flattie as they seemed to fit our criteria – Good with children, other dogs, cats, high energy and above all else sociable which has been an issue with our other dog T-Bag, a Beauceron.

We first went to see Taillie as a small, seemingly, laid back 3 week old pup who, quite frankly, looked like all the other small, seemingly laid back other 11 black puppies that Bramble had. When we picked her up she was nearly 12 weeks old. As soon as we met Justin and Lea, it was like we had known them for years and Lea shared my own enthusiasm for work of Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer. A kindred spirit in dog owning.

Well, suffice to say, for a very small dog Taillie can create an enormous amount of bedlam, which is equalled, with an enormous amount of fun.

She does all the puppy things you expect, stealing shoes etc and has been the best deterrent yet for getting the kids to pick up their toys. I have to guard the washing as she stands watching and waiting for that inevitable stray sock, pants, you name it, that she can triumphantly take off down the garden. She wrecks havoc when we try to play cricket, golf or any type of ball game.

She has been our little ray of sunshine and her antics keep us amused for hours, she is exactly what they say on the tin – sociable, loveable, playful, easily trainable and above all fun. She will lick you to death and I am sure that if someone tried to break in, she would gladly hold the torch for them while they look round.

Her main achievement so far has been to bring out the sociable side of T-Bag, our dog who has had many issues, which is no mean feat for a growing puppy and for that I will be forever in her debt.


HollyWhat a difference 4 months makes- not only to a puppy but to our lives! But to start at the beginning- we previously owned a much loved Flatcoat but vowed that we would not replace her until retirement from full time work allowed us to devote our time. As it turned out a very wise decision. Finally after 3 yrs the time came to look for our puppy- nothing but a flattie would do. From the moment we contacted Lea and Justin we were made to feel like old friends. We were welcomed into their home and were literally bowled over by Murdoch and his wives. Our minds were made up and some months later Willow gave birth to Holly and her brothers and sisters. We were welcomed to visit the puppies whenever possible and sent constant updates by email and photos as to their progress. Our excitement grew and our Holly finally came home. We were given all possible help and guidance from Lea and our baby behaved herself impeccably on the journey to N.Wales. She brought her favourite “pink” teddy home and has looked after it and slept with it every night since. If “well balanced” can be used to describe Flatties then Leas’ puppies are as well balanced as a flatcoat can ever hope to be.

Our lives have changed completely in the 4 months Holly has lived here. She is a confident and adorable friend. As she becomes a teenager her intelligence, irrepressible confidence and overpowering love for everyone she meets sometimes requires a firm line. But we feel privileged to share both our home with Holly and in her daily adventures of growing up.

Finally a word of caution- do not be fooled by the “butter wouldn’t melt look”, and never underestimate the amount of time and devotion needed to give a Flattie the life they deserve. Give that time and you will be rewarded a hundred fold. If you are quite sure a Flatcoated Retriever is for you then look no further than Lea and Justin for guidance.

Mary Anne and Alan.


SollyWell as the saying goes, you can’t get enough of a good thing.

This is Solomon our 6-month-old Liver Flatty born on the 2nd November 2008.

Brother to Ebony (top of page) he is one of Willow’s puppies.

Solly now makes our Flatty gang up to 4!!

We took Solly home the weekend before Christmas. The puppy pack supplied again proved extremely useful, even though we had only had one a year previous. Funny how quickly you forget.

Once again, just like Ebony, he responded to his name, which was quite amazing considering this time the litter had a Holly as well as a Solly.

He is an extremely clever little boy, winning all the competitions during his puppy training classes, and he is such a handsome little fellow (just like Murdoch).

After Ebony, we always knew we would be back to see Lea and Justin. In fact, as soon as we met Murdoch, we knew instantly that we had to have a Liver Flatty.

Each time we visited Solly, the care and attention given to the puppies was obvious to see. Lea and Justin’s welcoming and approachable manner made us again feel part of their extended Flatty family.

Our Dubhbruja Flatcoats have wonderful temperaments. Ebony and Solly are inseparable and a real pleasure to own.

We will always keep Flatties and will always choose Dubhbruja first.

Thank you Lea & Justin for our 2 wonderful Flatties.

Keith, Janet, Angus, Poppy, Ebony and Solly.


We have head shots from Beccy and Nick that show just how handsome Murphy is on the gallery but could not resist this one, if you ever wonder what we and every other flatcoat owner means when they describe a flatties joy and zest for life wonder no more this photo says it all, What a dog!!!!!

MurphyWe came across Lea and Justin in August 2007 just in time for Willow to have our little Murphy, we were after a liver boy and were really pleased when he was the second puppy born and the only liver boy (thank goodness as we would have never been able to choose). Murphy is our 6th flatty and have to say that by far Lea and Justin have been the friendliest and kindest breeders we have dealt with. We already had Max and Jasper our then 8 1/2 year old flattys and thought the time had come to introduce a puppy to hopefully ease the pain for when either Max or Jasper were not longer with us. Our first impression of Lea and Justin was that their love and understanding for their dogs was just wonderful. We liked the way the puppies were brought up in the house (and not outside in kennels) and were very much part of the family. Lea sent regular updates and photos of Murphy and the rest of the litter and were equally welcoming when we visited to see them. All their dogs are absolutely gorgeous and full of ‘flatty’ energy. Murphy settled in straight away and became ‘one of the boys’ from day one, he was brilliant to house train although he thought it great fun to follow our two black cats through the cat flap in the early days!! We have since lost Max and Jasper and Murphy has adapted to being the only dog really well - he now has everyone’s attention which he loves!! He has grown into an incredibly handsome boy with lots of energy and endless tail wagging. He gets at least 3 good walks a day and if you take on a flatty you need to be prepared to exercise and exercise come rain or shine and give bundles of love and in return you will have one very happy flatty!! He just loves being around people, other dogs, our cats (shares our daughters bed at night with one of them), our ponies, you name it - he ‘helps’ me with the weekly supermarket shop by jumping into the boot of the car when it’s full of bags and his not so helpful habit of pinching socks, hats or gloves and then having that really pleased look on his face “look Mum what I’ve retrieved for you”. I would thoroughly recommend Lea and Justin as not just great breeders but also people who really, really love and care for their dogs. Hopefully we will be getting number ‘7’ in the not too distant future from the Dubhbruja gang.


StanleyOur lovely Murphy was fast approaching 2 years old and was without company since we lost our two old black flatties within 6 months of each other - so a quick email to Lea soon put us back on track!! The cottage seemed really quiet and yes, the hoovering didn’t take as long but we all missed the company and mayhem of numerous muddy paws and the ‘wet gun dog’ smell! We were after another one of Willows pups and were lucky to be able to choose Stanley a gorgeous dark liver boy. Stan is now 9 months old and has been an absolute joy since day one, we bought plenty of puppy pads in preparation and ended up throwing them away as we didn’t need them! Apart from a few puddles in the first few days, that was it. Murphy thought his baby brother was wonderful and didn’t mind having his ears chewed with Stanleys razor teeth and still doesn’t mind it now. They are extremely close and get on so well. Murphy has the most laid back character we have ever known in a flattie apart from when you get his collar and lead and then he acts as if he’s been locked in a dark room for a week, Stanley on the other hand sits very patiently and waits his turn. Stanley has been easy to train and is very quiet in the house, he likes to sit close to you and as long as you have your hand stroking his chest he is a very happy boy, Murphy on the other hand tries to get on your lap!!! We don’t need a morning alarm because as soon as the sun rises and the birds start singing it’s time to get up, a lie in till 6am is a treat, then it’s out for lovely long walk before breakfast. They then have a couple more walks in the day before flaking out (usually belly up for Murphy - not pretty) in the lounge and then it’s a bonio and a quick dash upstairs onto our daughters bed!! Yet again Lea and Justin have proved that they breed beautiful puppies and I certainly would not go anywhere else ever again, you know that you have a lifetime and genuine support and I know that they love to see updates and photos of their beloved puppies - it’s a case of ‘welcome to the Dubhbruja family’. Come and join us and see what we mean.

All our love as always.