Dubhbruja Flatcoats

Dubhbruja Aeon - Hilly


HillyWe are very happy to introduce our lovely, gentle girl Hilly. A daughter of Murdoch and Willow from her 2011 litter. Hilly origionally went to live with my parents but as they no longer breed flatcoats she came home to us. We have given her about year and a half to settle back in before deciding to mate her and have a litter.

She's pretty, a good size, nice length and carries liver from her father of course. She has the most lovely brown eyes and knows how to use them!!

She's a bit of a limpet and has a habit of attaching herself to you if you stand still long enough!!

She gets along with everyone very well but she can be found playing with Lincoln most often. She loves to swim but is not much of a ball chaser, like her mum, she prefers a sniff and a rootle amongst the undergrowth and has been known to catch the odd rabbit..yuk!! She does like her food but is not particularly greedy.

We are beyond thrilled to have her back home.


Born 26/2/2011

Clear eye certificate for gonioscopy

Hip Score 3:5


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