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Date of birth - 28th September 2017

Say hello to our lovely Pippin, Granddaughter to Murdoch & Willow, daughter to Hilly and Vincent. full sister to Peaches but a liver. I wasn't planning on keeping another girl when Pippin came along but she was such a sweetheart I couldn't give her up.

Pip or Piddley (sigh... please don’t ask!) as Justin calls her (yes she answers to it!) is a sweet girl, with a smashing gentle nature, she’s obliging, playful and nearly as big a limpet as her mother.

She and Reiker play and wrestle all the time they are out and about and get on very, very well. She gets along with everyone and is never involved in any fuss going on although she does like to bark at Phoebe and wind her up so maybe not so innocent all the time.

She and her mum Hilly are very close and when she was a puppy and it was her time in the house but not her mums she would go and sit by her pen until you went and brought her in, they sleep together with Rio and Hilly can often be found washing her ears, she’s not a sofa dog and prefers the memory foam bed unlike Peaches who is on the sofa in a shot.

But she is a bit more of a home body than say Peaches and Rio, she sometimes will choose to stay behind for cuddles and a snooze infront of the stove instead of going off down the beach, mind you when she does Pip loves chasing rabbits down the beach and can be found shoulder deep in a rabbit hole if you don’t watch her.She also likes to just contemplate things and I often come out of the house or shed and find her sitting gazing at the fields beyond our place just watching the world go by. She's not a busy, busy flatty which is nice around the house.

She's a good size and pretty as a picture. All in all she’s everything you expect from a flatty, fun, affectionate and very very tactile.   

Born 28/09/2017
Eye test : Grade 0
Hip Score - 6:5

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