Dubhbruja Flatcoats

DubhBruja Chihiro Ogina


Date of birth - 28th August 2016

I'm very happy to introduce our beautiful Peaches, Granddaughter of Murdy and Willow, daughter of Hilly and Vincent. She's a black and is as much of a Princess pushy as her granny Willow was and is as elegant too. She has her mothers beauty but is less of a limpet. Her movement is amazing and she is a speed merchant who loves to try to dig out bunnies on the dunes. She has her fathers nice calm nature.

Peaches is gentle and very, very affectionate. She thinks she should be allowed to sleep on the sofa at all times and has mastered the face of abject dissaproval and dissapointment when she's not.

She loves to dash about around the garden and the links, she loves to swim and is a bright girl. She has lots of energy and fizz but she's calm and doesn't dash about in the house. She and Reiker are the best of pals and he adores her.

She is independent and happy to just crash out in the house. We call her the super model as she's so beautiful and has an air of aloofness about her even though she's not at all. We all adore her

Born 28/08/2016
Eye test : Grade 1
Hip Score - 5:4

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