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BrambleSadly on the 4th July 2011 we lost our big girl, a few days after she had what was set to be her last litter. She had 9 gorgeous puppies and seemed to be doing very well but then about 12 ish on the 4th she started to show signs of being unwell and despite our vets best efforts by 4pm we had lost her just 4 days after having her puppies. It was a terrible shock and we have had great difficulty coming to terms with loosing our precious girl. Bramble was our first flatcoat and through her we found our love for this most wonderful of breeds, she always had an extremely special place in our hearts and was very much the leader of her pack. Bramble was never one to jump up or make too much of a fuss, she still loved to be with you and was never very far away on walks though and loved her family both human and canine. She could smile when she was very excited to see you after you had been away for any length of time and the thought of never seeing her waggling towards us grinning breaks our hearts. We are keeping one of her liver girls now named Lillah as we can't bear to let them all go and at long last I get my liver girl, who better than one of Brambles babies to carry on her mothers lines. Sadly we lost 4 of the puppies but the rest battled on and are now with wonderful families.

Bramle had a wonderful temperament, loving, tactile and relatively calm for a flatty until of course she got near water or a good supply of sticks which she used to hog all for herself much to the disgust of our other dogs. She loved to swim and could surf beautifully much to every ones amusement. We did obedience training with Bramble and while she would do all the moves her she wasn't always happy about it!!!! Quite a character really, so we got to our bronze good citizen and then she retired and we decided if she would just rather swim in the river and chase tennis balls that's was fine with us. She would twirl like a ballerina for her dinner and before you threw her ball for her which always means she lost track of it and would run round like a headless chicken trying to trace it!

Bramble was wonderful mother with a penchant for big litters, 13 and an 11. She adored her puppies and everyone else's and would quite happily try to take the place of mum with all the other girls. She would settle herself in their whelping box to take over and as no one argues with Bram they would have to just get in and join her!! Her wonderful sisters Willow and Ziva took over from us when the puppies were weaned and raised Brambles last litter as if they were their own, playing and socialising them just as their mum would have done had she been there.

Bramble did however think all puppies should be weaned by 3 weeks old and although she was happy to play with them and clean them up really would prefer it if we fed them from then on – fickle girl! She could be stubborn in the extreme, but was greatly hurt if she felt you had treated her unfairly.

Put simply she was everything you could have wanted in a dog and certainly every inch a flatty and we loved her. God speed baby we miss you. xxx.

Date of Birth - 25th July 2003 - 4th July 2011

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