Dubhbruja Flatcoats

Chatham Hill's Joka's Wild American Of Dubhbruja - Joka

Joka Boone!

Introducing our wonderful Joka, we brought Joka over from the USA in a bloodline exchange with our friends at Chatham Hill our sweet girl Cookie went over to USA in return. Joka is a lovely boy with a fantastic temperament, gentle, and calm, a very balanced boy.  He is a big lad with a lovely colour and a very serious expression with slightly mad fluffy ears that he hates to have trimmed, he just will not sit still!! 

He walked off the plane and into our arms and hearts at Heathrow, looking like he had just stepped out of a car , completely unperturbed by the fact that he had come all those miles and was with people he had never met, a testament to the great job Joe and Katie had done socialising him.  He stays very close on walks liking to know you are there, he loves to swim and also likes to hold on to your sleeve as you walk so you can’t get away!  If you take no notice he tugs at your gloves until you do.  He is so unassuming that it took the other dogs about three days to notice he was there and by that time he had made himself completely at home, he slipped into the pack without any drama at all! Our Ziva likes to get to know dogs slowly and she was inside with her litter of babies when he came home and it was hilarious when she finally realised there was an extra dog there she did not know, she actually did a double take when he strolled past!! 

An awful lot of flatcoats are very closely bred and Joka is obviously a complete out cross to all our girls (even more so than Murdoch was when we brought him into our lives) so we were hoping to shake up the genes a little in our own small way. It is a big commitment and risk by both kennels to do a bloodline exchange and we had high hopes that it would be a good move. Unfortunately it was not to be, Joka passed his eye test and then failed his hip score meaning we could not breed from him. He still ahs a place here at Dubhbruja and even a job, he is great with puppies and plays a huge role in socialising our litters. He has grown increasingly fluffy and still hates to be groomed and is constantly muddy , he reminds me of a series of books we used to read with Josh about a dog called what a mess!! Everyone loves him and there is a cue of people trying to steal him away, our son Josh being at the head!!   

Born 26/02/2012
Current clear eye certificate
Hip Score - awaiting hip score