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DubhBruja Cho Chang - Belle


Date of birth - 2 July 2011

We are also introducing everyone to our lovely Belle, a very pretty litter sister to Lillah, the person who was originally intended to take Belle had a family crisis and decided to wait (eventually taking her litter brother Frankie when the crisis kind of fizzled out!) We then offered her to the next person on our list, but in the meantime I made up my mind that if they didn’t want her we would keep her as she was another link to our wonderful Bramble, anyway you can imagine that I was a little disappointed when they decided that they would take her. Some months later the couple split and the lady contacted us to take Belle back, we drove down to collect her and the upshot of it all was that we bought her back from her. I think that all along fate was telling us that Belle should have stayed with us and I am so glad that she has found her place with in our family/pack once again. She walked back into our arms and home as if she had never been away and is now inseperable from Lillah.

Belle is a different character to Lillah, she is more independent and ranges further on walks but get her in the house and she is just as soppy, She is also a touch calmer Lillah can get a bit over excited sometimes!! Belle loves a cuddle and is a total mush! She closes her eyes when you stroke her chest and if your not careful she drifts off to sleep and falls over!!!

Looks wise she is so much like her sister that we have to have different collars on them or at a glance you don’t know who you have,  we can tell them apart but no one else can, Belle has a lightly longer muzzle that Lillah and when she first came back to us her coat was not great but after 7 months on Royal Canin and a salmon oil suplement it is tip top again and a gorgeous dark colour. She moves beautifully as does her Dad and her mum to when she was with us.

All in all Belle is a wonderful girl just like Lillah and we are so proud to have her home once again.

Born 02/07/2011
Current clear eye certificate
Hip Score - 8:4

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