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You know sometimes life really sucks, today we had to make the heartbreaking decision to put Echo to sleep, she would have been 10 years old on the 26th of next month. But life is about quality rather than quantity and she has been struggling with some huge tumours for about the last 6 months.

Echo came to us a huge, bouncy, joyfull puppy and all her life has been a happy go lucky girl who's best pal was Ziva. She had 4 litters of wonderful puppies (who she adored and lavished attention on for at least 3 weeks before she decided we should take over, the puppies Aunties had to do the socialising as she was too busy off in the river, lol) we have her gorgeous and gentle daughter Breigha and her liver granddaughter Rio we have kept from Breighas current litter.

It's been such an enormous pleasure to know Echo, to laugh at her clowning around, to watch her doing her swan dives in the river and to admire her dedication to trying to catch a goose (just never going to happen!) by swimming the length of the Loch and just to love her. I'm not much of a believer in religion or heaven, more the great beyond, but if there is a heaven for dogs she will be there because never was there a soul more deserving.

You live on in your daughters, sons and grandaughters and in our hearts.

We love you Splodge, goodbye darling.

Date of Birth - 26th January 2007 - 31st December 2016
Current clear eye certificate
Hip Score 3:4

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