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Littlehill Ramius - Vincent


Vincent at windowIntroducing Vincent (Pulp Fiction character, John Travolta love the actor and character, hated the film!) a black shadow for the motorbike enthusiasts among you!, (Littlehill Ramius is his posh name).

What can we say about Vincent!!! Well he is a total clown, always dashing about, mad as a hatter but such a wonderful fellow that you have no other choice but to love him! No one gets a look in when he is around and it very soon becomes the Vincent show! He is a nightmare to get weight on as he never stops moving and he can cover ground in a flash dissapearing over the dunes before you can open your mouth to shout him, then seconds later he appears at the top with his tongue lolloing over his lips in a big grin to check where you are. He wrestles incessantly with both Breigha and Lillah and is generally a friend of all the girls although Ziva puts him in his place when he gets over excited!

I have had the very great pleasure of knowing him since the day he was born and it was lovely to watch him grow and learn to recognise my voice when I went round in a morning, he was always waiting at the gate for me and always wanting a cuddle. He and Murdoch get on very, very well considering that they are both stud boys, Vincent knows that Murdy is top dog and in true pack style defers to him in everything (something that we don't interfer with which in turn assures pack stability), they play together alot and the girls seem greatly releived that the two of them have each other to rough house with while they seem to be glad to have like minded play friends, if they were human they would be watching the footy and sweet talking the girls (Vincent as wing man of course!) - oh well boys will be boys.

He is taller than our Murdy, which means when he puts his paws on my shoulders not being very tall I can't escape the face wash, no respect for a girls make up our Vincent but he's a gentle boy and easily upset if you tell him off! He is equal parts terrified and fascinated by the cats here at netherton and will sit and gaze at them for hours with just the tip of his tail gently wagging, he really is a bit of a wus! He is also very, very handsome (I have been trying for some considerable time to get a good photo) with a superb head, very regal. All in all he is very hard to resist, a mummies boy totally and like my boy Murdy has a special place in my heart.

Born 25/1/2010
Current clear eye certificate.
Hip score 5:3

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