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Vincent at window

I was hoping I had at least another couple of years before I had to come and write something like this again.
Sadly we had to say goodbye to our lovely, gentle boy Vincent on the 12th of August. He’d developed a prostate cancer and also a narrowing of one of his vertebrae, it was difficult to know which was causing him most pain and problems but in the end we think it was a combination of both. He’s been a bit down since we lost Murdoch in April really. We and our vet tried all we could and Vincent put up his best fight but in the end he just couldn’t carry on, he really, really tried right until the last few days.
I was there helping my Dad deliver the litter when his Mum, Song, had him and his 11 brothers and sisters. It was the day or so before my Bramble lost her litter of puppies, she had them 2 weeks early, Dad found me sitting on the floor of the puppy shed crying with Bramble and asked if she had milk, she did, so he told me to go over and choose 4 puppies for Bramble to nurse to help out Song and to choose carefully as he and my step mum were giving me one of the puppies.
We lived on the farm at that point and I used to go through the kennels and work and I suppose I always gave him more attention than the others because he became a bit of a menace to my Dad and would try to bite his walking stick, not funny when it’s helping hold you up!
A bit later we decided to buy his sister too (which was a bit of a mistake because she used to get him into all kinds of trouble!)
He was a wonderful boy, elegant, gentle, playful and ran like the wind, he barely touched the ground and was fast like you wouldn’t believe, way to thin all his life because he was so on the go and used to just burn it off but he was a picky eater too, getting meds into him was a nightmare.
Visitors will know that if you stood still for even a minute he would come and lean on you for a fuss. In his later years he and Murdoch gave up competing over girls, resigning themselves to barking at Lincoln who is so much bigger and stronger than either of them and were pretty good buddies often sharing a bed in the lounge.
I know he had a wonderful life here and we all loved him very much, I’m lucky that I have his girls here to remember him by but it’s very hard to say goodbye to such a loving gentle soul, who was so much of a connection to my Dad who left us last year. He’s gone to join his sister to see what trouble they can get up to now.
I was there to bring him into the world and I held him in my arms looking over the fields with him sniffing the air as he gently left it, falling asleep for the final time and taking another little piece of my heart with him.
Godspeed Vincent, don’t get up to too much trouble, see you on the other side. xxx

Born 25/1/2010 - 12/8/2020
Current clear eye certificate.
Hip score 5:3

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