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So life has again been unutterably cruel and I am typing a goodbye to one of my girls as we had to say goodbye to Lillah.

We found Lillah had a cancerous growth in her leg and so we decided with our vet that as Lillah was otherwise fit and a relatively young girl we would do our best to give her every chance we would remove her limb, it was a rear and so the outcome is usually pretty good. She was doing very well for the first two weeks but then started to loose feeling in her other leg and then over a couple of days her lower body. Our vet tried a last ditch attempt with a steroind injection in case it was just inflamation but sadly it didn't work and we were left with no other choice but to say goodbye. I can't tell you how hard this year has been for us, although I'm sure some of you will understand having been through it. To lose 4 of our girls one after another since the start of this year is just indescribably painful. It's so unfair.

We hand reared Lillah (and the rest of her litter sisters and brothers) when we lost her mum shortly after she was born, we’ve always been incredibly close as a result. Lillah was a cheeky, slightly excitable flatty, a pretty lady with a fabulous dark coat. She was just thrilled when her sister Belle came back to us at 7 months old and they have been constant companions since, rowing with one another one minute and then washing one another the next, typical sisters. She was a great mum, careful and calm which was completely at odds with her plundering and dashing about through the sand dunes when out on a walk.

When I looked out of the window this morning there was Justin on his usual trundle around the grounds with the dogs and there was Lillah sitting tall in the wheelbarrow. Justin being his wonderful, inventive, caring and lovely self, had lined the wheel barrow with beds, plonked her in it sitting up so that she was out with everyone else. Then while I waved off the last of Phoebes puppies this afternoon and before we went to our vet, (who has been great over the past few months I may add), he chucked the barrow into the back of the truck and Lillah and Belle in the front and drove her down to the beach for a last walk along the sea shore with her sister, I can’t tell you how much that broke my heart, I just couldn't go with them it was too painful.

I didn't know hearts could break into so many piece's so many times and still survive but they do and so Lillah berry we send you off to the great beyond, your mum will meet you along with Aunty Willow, Ziva and Echo and we’ll catch you up when it’s time. Bye bye darling girl and god speed.

D.O.B 02.07.2011 - 24.11.17
Current clear eye certificate
Hip Score - 5:5

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