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This is our lovely Lillah who for us is an extra special girl, we lost her mum Bramble days after she was born so Lillah and her litter sisters and brothers were hand raised, we lost 4 puppies from the litter and our little Lillah was also very near death from an infection, luckily for us we pulled her through and she is now one of our lovely young ladies. Ziva also had a litter when Bram had her puppies and she mothered them as well as her own and Ziva is firmly convinced that Lillah is one of her babies. A gorgeous dark liver colour we have high hopes for mixed litters from Lillah as her mum was black so she carries both genes. Her movement is lovely, a gift from her father along with the lovely coat colour! She has a wonderful face and an even more wonderful nature, so affectionate and gentle and we are all hopelessly besotted with her.

She does take advantage a bit and jumps up for cuddles but as I am the only mum she has known I can't tell her off for that. She does like to throw herself on me with gay abandon but she is such a sweet girl I find myself returning the hug instead of making her get down!. Mind you she does like a wrestle with her more forceful sister Belle but will only be pushed around so far before she stands her ground, a bit more under the surface than initially meets the eye with our Lillah. She gets along with every one, is not pushy with people and greets strange dogs and humans alike with a calm curiosity. She is a good mum like her lovely mum Bramble.

Born 02/07/2011
Current clear eye certificate
Hip Score - 5:5

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