Dubhbruja Flatcoats

October 2018

Our beautiful Hilly has had her 24th October. A big litter of 12 black and liver babies. Vincent is dad.

Nearly 2 weeks old and doing well, still bottle feeding one little girl who is not available untill I'm sure she will make it but the rest are growing fast and Hilly doing a great job.

At the moment I have 1 black girl, 1 black boy unreserved.

If you are interested in Hillys babies please drop me a line with lots of information about yourself and family (childrens ages), work commitments, dog ownership history, whether you want a dog for a pet or for breeding and where ever possible your vets details and permission to contact them for a reference, seems a bit like stalking but it sort of goes with my job!!

Please note I will only definitely reserve a puppy once we have a deposit, seems a bit harsh I know but we have been messed about by people in the past. If you are unhappy in any way with puppies, parents or us once you visit then we will of course refund your deposit, we only want families that are 100% happy. But if you just change your mind or find one closer then half of your deposit is non-returnable. Please remember you contacted us, I did not come knocking on your door to try to sell a puppy and trust goes both ways.