Dubhbruja Flatcoats

DubhBruja Ceres


Date of birth - 17 November 2016

Introducing our very lovely Rio, Granddaughter of Echo and Murdy, daughter of Breigha and Vincent. She's a lovely dark liver and has inherited her mothers beauty and grace and her Dad's wonderful movement.

Rio is a nice calm flatty, gentle and very, very affectionate. She has her mothers habit of wrinkling her nose at you in a smile when you talk to her. She would love to be a lap dog but she's a fidget!

She and Peaches love nothing more than a plunder around the garden and the links, she loves to swim and chase a ball with the rest and like all flatties has lots of energy but she's not a 'crazy' dog. She and Pippin are great pals too.

She is quite happy to take herself off to the utility for a snooze if there is nothing going on but as soon as I kneel down to lay the stove she is instantly there, it's her time for a cuddle and she likes to try to perch on my knee, not very conducive to getting anything done really but it's her thing so cuddles have to be given. In her Granny and mums tradition she has the ability to make herself twice as heavy as she really is when you are trying to get her to move off you knee. All in all she is a delight and I'm sure she will make a great mum.

Born 17/11/2016
Eye test : Grade 1
Hip Score - 5:6

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