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Bolfoer Rowan Of DubhBruja - Murdoch


MurdochMurdoch was our 3rd flatty and was born in Ireland and we were lucky enough to get him at 9 wks. old from a breeder who has been in flatties for may years. He is a fantastic dark liver colour (the photos do not do him justice) his coat remains dark and unfaded in the sun all year, he passes this fabulous dark colour onto all his liver pups and also a good eye colour, he's a well built medium sized dog, not massively tall but all in proportion. He moves like a dream and floats efortlesly over the ground and is lovely to watch. He is so affectionate that anyone is likely to get mugged and given a face wash, he is always ridiculously pleased to see you, his one fault is that he will insist on jumping up until people have been with us for about 5 mins so bending down to fuss him is not a great idea.

Together with his girls he has produced lots of liver pups with a good mix of bitch and dog puppies. He is known at home as the big fella and is so dearly loved by all that he gets away with murder. He is fantastic at retrieving any number of his favorite sticks from the heather and never comes back with out one, the trick then is to keep it away from Bramble who promptly steals them, he has learned to be very very fast!!

Murdoch also loves a tennis ball and is very good at marking the ball in the air and anticipating where it will land (putting his gun dog breeding to good use there). He swims like a fish and dives into the local river with great enthusiasm, he has been a great example to Echo who also loves to swim. On a visit to the beach at St. Combs in Scotland he earned himself the nick name Scuba Dog (said with enthusiasm for real effect!) for diving under the rolling waves and staying down to rescue a punctured tennis ball, now that’s dedication!

Talking the other night about the puppies that Murdy has fathered compared to some other stud dogs we decided that his are Brad Pitts where as the other dogs were Mel Gibsons, a subtle difference but noticable! Most of his boys are even more handsome than he is and mostly taller. He is quite laid back and relaxed about life and what you see is what you get with him, a characterstic he passes on to his puppies, mostly the boys!

Our lovely boy continues to mature and grow ever more handsome and has endeared himself to every body who has met him so much so that most people would like to take him home with them, not a chance!!! Without a doubt choosing Murdoch was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Date of Birth - 20th June 2005
Hip Score - 3:7
Current clear eye certificate

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