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Bolfoer Rowan Of DubhBruja - Murdoch



I am beyond heartbroken to have to tell you all that on the night of 7/4/20 and at nearly 15 years old our grand old man Murdoch slipped away in his sleep. He seemed to have rallied from his mishap the previous week but on the 6th he was struggling again and after having his pain meds he fell asleep and drifted peacefully off in the early hours.
Murdy came into our lives in 2005 at 9 weeks old when I went searching for a stud dog. We already had Bramble and Willow plus Theo our our rescue dog and I remember bringing him home and popping him down, he marched into the kitchen plonked himself on the floor and basically announced ‘I’m here to take over’, I mean he couldn’t, Bramble wouldn’t have allowed it but that didn’t stop him. He was irrepressible, when he reached a year old he could jump up 6 foot high and knock your glasses off and he did, several visitors even after warning underestimated his spring.
He was Justin's best mate from day one and even though he loved everyone he adored Justin with every fibre of his little soul and the feeling was absolutely echoed, the rule was if you can’t find Justin, well just look for Murdy and he won’t be far away.
He took to his job with enthusiasm that was admirable! All our girls at home are either his daughters, granddaughters or great granddaughters and there will be lots of you out there with either his boys or girls or his grandchildren and without Murdoch we would not be with all our wonderful boys and girls now. As much as he liked all the girls he adored Willow (nearly as much as he did Justin), she was always his choice of sleeping partner, playing pal and he always wanted to be with her.  
He’s been fit and well for almost all his life, rarely visited the vet except for the usual accidents they get themselves into. In the last 4 years he slowed down but it didn’t stop him bringing buoys back from the beach at great inconvenience to everyone else in the truck! He went allot deaf and his sight dimmed but it never stopped him from bouncing around with the others and always being underfoot when I’m trying to cook. Justin had to lift him onto the sofa for a cuddle of an evening, he might have got a little stiff but he’s always been happy. Seeing him struggling over the past week has been one of the worst things because we knew what was coming. But I’m glad he’s not in any discomfort or distress any more.   
For nearly 15 years Murdy has been the centre of our universe and we hope we have given him a life that was as close to doggy heaven as you could get on Earth.  He’s given us so many laughs and so much love and affection. He grew from a cute cheeky puppy to a handsome rake and on to a grand old man who still thought he could boss Lincoln around. I know we have to go on but life is going to be a bit less bright for a long time as we come to terms with not having him with us.
So we say goodbye to our gorgeous boy, I’m sure his girls were waiting on the other side for him.
Godspeed Murdoch, we will always love and miss you. 
Date of Birth - 20th June 2005 - 7th April 2020

Hip Score - 3:7
Current clear eye certificate

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