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DubhBruja Breigha - Breigha


BreighaFinally we get to introduce one of our first home grown girls to you! The very lovely Breigha (meaning beautiful one in Gaelic), daughter of Echo and Murdoch and one of the prettiest flatties you will see. She is well built like her mum although not quite as tall and has a gentle expression and nature. She has a lovely dark eye colour. Hopefully Breigha carries liver and unlike her mum will pass this on too her puppies and we will see mixed litters.

Breigha is a happy, gentle girl, bouncy, very obliging and always eager to please. Very cuddly, when she is not wet through from swimming in the river and sea! She is happiest when she is close by on a walk preferring not to stray to far, that's not to say she is a wimp, far from it she likes to go hunt with the others and sniff out the rabbits, she just likes to be close to you and is always available for a face wash! She smiles with her eyes and wrinkles her nose at you at the same time all of which makes her far to adorable and able to get her own cheeky way! We just love her to bits.

She is a bit of a food hound like her mum and is also a bit of a clown like her mum! She likes to get her bum under and do the wall of death around the paddocks chased by Vincent her playmate and future hubby. She is a particular favourite of visitors and can usually be found nose to nose with who ever comes to call asking for a hug.

Born 8/11/2010
Current clear eye certificate
Hip Score - 7:6

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