Dubhbruja Flatcoats

DubhBruja Mirage - Evie


Date of birth - 7January 2016

We are pleased to be introducing everyone to our lovely Evie, who is a daughter of Belle and Lincoln, she's a pretty girl just like her mum. A great mover too just like Belle. She loves, loves, loves to go digging for rabbits in the dunes and often appears covered from head to shoulders in sand and is usually unsuccesfull in catching any, too noisy I reckon! She loves to chase a ball, is strong and agile. But a gentle girl all the same, a slight tendency to get excited but she is a flatty after all. Evie just loves to ahve a cuddle and will happily sit for hours if you stroke her ears. She plays with Phoebe allot and still wrestles with her mum. She's a gorgeous girl and we are very happy to have her here with us.

Born 07/01/2016
Current clear eye certificate
Hip Score - 4:6

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