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PhoebeLittlehill Cassandra Of Dubhbruja -Phoebe


Better late than never, her's our pretty Phoebe. A Granddaughter of Echo. Phoebe came to us 4 years ago from my parents.

She's a pretty girl, who is a good height and length, she is slender and unlikely to put weight on but very, very strong. She carries liver from her mum. She is sharp as a tack and very independent, with the strongest prey drive I've seen in a flatty. She just never stops hunting and is the scourge of the rabbits on the links. She's a proper speed fiend and is one of our fastest flatties.  We have left her untill quite late to mate her to give her chance to fill out properly.

She's affectionate but happy in her own company too, she prefers the company of Murdoch to sleep with reather than the youngsters. 

She is a bit of a bad influence and encourages the youngsters to take off along the beach on a bird chasing exercise regularly. She likes to swim, roll in sand and genrally get covered in stuff, usually sticky buds!


Born 14/05/2013

Clear eye certificate for gonioscopy

Hip Score 4:4


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