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Dubhbruja Luna - Luna


LunaAlways the baby of the family even when others younger came along our Luna passed away at nearly 4 years old, she had a problem that we had known about since she was 6 weeks old and was not fixable. The specailist gave her about 10 months but our lovely Luna (known as Luna chop or Luna Pop, no idea why!) made it to nearly 4 years and was an absolute pleasure to have known. She was one of Willows pups and used to be the chief baby sitter as she adored puppies and was just like the pied piper as they followed her all around the garden but recently she has grown up and become a lady who does not play with puppies! She was quite strong willed and was not the bottom of the pack in the ranking even given her age and problem. She liked to go rooting for things in hedges and find rabbits and was a great mouser because of her ability to be still and patient and quite often greeted us with a mouth full of mice…yuk!!!. She was calm and sweet though and was one of the best adverts for flatcoat temperament you will ever find, every one who met Luna loved her and many people wanted to take her home.

She was my constant shadow at home and loved to meet and greet on local walks, making herself known to anyone and everyone. She was so gentle with children and didn’t jump up she just wiggled her way towards you which made everyone laugh. She did think that she should be a lap dog and would quite happily sleep on you on the sofa at night if allowed!

She could catch a tennis ball beautifully and stopped leaving it behind as she grew up but it was a bit like Bambi on ice when she chased it, legs every where! She was her mothers daughter and was by far one of the cleverest girls we have had, she worked things out very quickly and you couldn't put anything past her for very long. Luna hated to be groomed and it was a two man job as she used to just lie down on which ever bit you were trying to groom if you tried on your own, as a result she is quite often full of tangles and briars but we loved her anyway tangles and all.

Even though we knew she would never be a very old lady and that we would loose her sooner than later we are so glad that we got the chance to know and love her, she was always a pleasure and has left a huge hole in our pack and family, especially so soon after loosing Bramble, I just don't know if there will ever be anyone quite like her. She was every one's baby and we miss her, she is buried with her Aunty Bram and the babies we lost after loosing Bramble we look out over them every day.

Bye, bye Loons we will see you later darling - xxx.

Date of birth - September 1st 2007 - 18th August 2011

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