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WillowIt's been a month since we lost Willow and I think now I can maybe write a tribute without completely falling apart.
Willow was my 40th birthday present from Justin and I'm not sure that you would ever find a present that was loved more, she was nearly 13 when we lost her and even though it sounds a long time it seems like yesterday that we brought her home. She was bought from my parents and I spent 3 days choosing her, in fact she sat in front of me waving her paws at me for 3 days while I thought she was a boy! My dad pointed out I was wrong (shaking his head I may add) and we never looked back.
She was nicknamed princess pushy and little numpty and answered to both. Unlike her sister bramble she was delicate and slender and took about 3 years to fill out. She was a gentle, playful, non competitive girl who would rather sniff about than chase a ball. She gave us the lovely Luna, who despite having a heart problem was one of our great joys for the 4 years of her life and Willow leaves behind with me, Hilly her daughter and Hillys daughters Peaches & Pippin, both so much like her in build and looks that it's some times painful. I know many of you with Willow babies will think kindly of her and non more than Chris who is Starbucks human mummy, such a bright intelligent girl that Chris loves dearly.
I could say it's a comfort to have Willows daughter as granddaughter here with me and to have all the other dogs but I've found it very difficult to find much comfort this time.
It's been the closest I've ever come to letting my heart rule my head and begging our vet to try to save her when I knew it was too late and she was too tired to fight, I've got Justin to thank for getting me straight again, but losing her has been like losing my heart, I love all my flatties but my Willow was even more special to me and after losing both Echo and Ziva so close together losing Willow felt like the final straw. I loved her beyond measure. We've had to just get on with life because we had 23 gorgeous puppies to look after, a very bitter sweet time.
So now we just have Murdoch out of our original gang and life has to go on but it will never be the same again.
We love you Willow and will miss you always, Echo and Ziva will have been waiting to light your way and the angel you were, the joy you gave us will grant you a place in any heaven you go to, you will be in our hearts for as long as we live. Bye bye Numpty, we miss you so much XXX

Date of Birth - 23rd November 2004 - 9th March 2017
Hip Score - 7:4
Current clear eye certificate

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