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Sadly our poor Ziva collapsed on Sunday the 5th Feb. and we had to say goodbye to her that afternoon.

She was always such a quiet, gentle soul, so much so that we used to tease her about not being a flatty at all, you never knew she was there, she wouldn't push herself forwards for a fuss but waited patiently for everyone else to finish with theirs. She used to lie right next to the stove and cook untill she was almost too hot to touch. She was tiny, just 3 kilos when she came to us, she slept on the seat all the way home next to me and used to sleep on the sofa out of the way of the marauding Echo who was just 7 weeks older than her.
Echo was enormous and rough and bouncy and we used to worry she would hurt Ziva, within 5 weeks we were telling Ziva to put Echo down and stop swinging off her ears. She was our fastest runner and the best catcher of balls.
They were always together and always great pals, they slept together and missed each other when one or the other had puppies and was in the house all the time. Such polar opposites, Echo loved the sea and surfing, Ziva liked to paddle, Echo had had enough of her puppies after about 4 weeks, Ziva loved hers beyond measure and would play and feed them forever if you let her, Echo would bark if someone came to the house Z barely uttered a word.
It seems fitting the they should follow one another so closely in death as they did in life but how I wish they had not. I always tell folks that having two so close together in age is heartbreaking when they leave close together too and I can say I am right, today we are heartbroken to lose our lovely Z.

So off you go Ziva, our gentle girl, I'm sure if there is a place doggy souls go to that Echo is waiting for you ready for more rough and tumble, our love, as always goes with you darling. Goodbye Zbot, my lovely girl.

Date of Birth - 11th March 2007 - 5th Feb 2017
Current clear eye certificate
Hip Score 3:3

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