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LincLadyrig Sainte Foy - Lincoln


Lincoln is our new stud boy, unrelated to our girls,  we bought him when Joka failed his hip score. He was one of 15 puppies, and 1 of only two boys from the litter.

What to say about Linc, he’s a total clown, so bouncy and energetic that everyone just gets out of his way when he is in full bounce. The bounces are mostly brought about by his dinner being ready, dinner is his favourite time of day!! He is ridiculously affectionate which is typical for most flatty boys, he just loves to have his chest tickled. He has learned that he must not jump up for a fuss…most of the time anyway!!  He loves to splosh around on the beach and can’t wait to get out and about on a walk.

Build wise, he is a completely different kettle of fish to Vincent, Vincent is an elegant, slim dog, whereas Lincoln is more of a chunk, he has a great length , a fantastic head and is a real big strong boy. He is unfortunately never still and that’s why we can’t get a decent photo of him for you to see!!

He loves all the girls and his first litter with Skye was a litter of 12 so it seems he might have inherited his mothers penchant for large families!!    

Born 17/07/2013
Clear eye test
Hip Score 3:3

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