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Littlehill Charm - Vesper


VesperMeet Vesper or V for short, named for a dark and beautiful Bond Girl (Casino Royale) one of our favourite films (Posh Sunday name is Littlehill Charm) she is full sister to Vincent and came to join us from my parents, again I have been lucky enough to watch her grow since the day she was born. I was extremely pleased when we got her, I wanted to get two new girls and she is just an absolute sweety, a very gentle, calm temperament although I suspect this masks a mad flatty waiting to get out! She has the same father as three of our other girls (a very special dog who I love, his temperament is second to none) but a different mother, Song, who herself is a gentle girl who loves a fuss but really lets loose on a walk.

Vesper came to us a week later than Vincent but was wrestling with her brother with in about 3 minuets of arriving. She carries liver and we hope that she will take her place among our girls now that hip scores and eye tests have all been done. She and Vincent are selectively deaf on occasion they slip under the fences to go rooting in the field and she goes racing off with Aunty Echo to swim in the duck pond!!

She is not as pushy as Vincent and is happy to take a back seat when he is around (patience is a virtue I think where he is concerened!) She loves to have her belly tickled and her face becomes a picture of contentment while you do that. She is just as lovely as her half sisters if a bit more headstrong than a couple of them but again a gentle loving girl who several people have threatend to take home with them!

Born 25/1/2010
Current clear eye certificate
Hip Score 7:6

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