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Regarding Isolation at the moment

Regarding Isolation at the moment, 25/05/2020
Hi All, well we're almost at the end of the lockdown period we hope and fingers crossed it all goes well and everyone stays safe. It's been an unusual time to have puppies with people not being allowed to come and visit as we usually do. We are pretty isolated here as you may know and I don't go out and about much, apart from the hairdressers and the cinema or the odd meal so there wasn't much difference for me really, I'm a pretty solitary soul. Justin still went off to work with some adjustments and safeguards in place.
The dogs got their usual run out down the beach (there's never anyone on it anyway!) and nothing at home changed for them at all, they would all fail miserably with social distancing so good job they don't need to!

The puppies we did have were all spoken for very quickly and families kept up to date with lots of videos and photos and people chose their puppies that way, it worked remarkably well and with insight onto their characters from me every one chose a puppy and we didn't have anyone want to take the same puppy, what are the chances!

There was guidance put in place for breeders regarding delivery of puppies and so Justin went off on Saturday and delivered 5 of the puppies following distancing rules and then we dropped the last one off on Sunday, again following social distancing rules.

My thanks to the families for their forebearance and enthusiam and support over the last 8 weeks.
Peaches has been mated so hopefully we will have some puppies in about 9 weeks. The whole world has gone crazy wanting puppies so I have large lists so bear with me. Hopefully as rules continue to relax a bit we can allow visits for the people who have booked puppies when the puppies arrive and the world will slowly get back to some semblance of normality for us all.
In the meantime I have lists running for Peaches, Pippin and Rio but they are large and I'm getting contacted more people every day so if your wanting a puppy get in touch sooner rather than later, lists can change and people do drop out but if I have a large list it will all be spoken for before I let it be known they are born usually. Please be patient, I will get back to you, I can't promise you a puppy, I go by the order that people contacted me to make it as fair as I can.

Anyway take care


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